A divan bed consists of a mattress and a hollow base, which is often supplied in two separate parts. Divan beds can contain drawers or other storage space, and they are often placed on castors for manoeuvrability. Some divans also feature which also need to be attached. Divan beds are among the most popular choices in the UK, with many people preferring the storage space and full-frame over traditional cast iron beds. With several designs to choose from, it’s important to understand how to build a divan bed. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most popular divan options and how to securely put them together to ensure a good night’s sleep.

How to build a divan bed: The basics of assembling a single-part divan base

Upon receiving delivery of your new divan bed, you should first ensure there is ample space in the bedroom to assemble the product. If need be, you may want to rearrange or move furniture out of the bedroom to ensure you have a large enough area to work with. From here, you’ll want to:

Remove all packaging and dispose of it carefully.

Turn the base of the bed upside down, and locate the holes for the feet/castors at each corner.

Insert the feet/castors, and use a hammer to gently knock them into place. Be careful not to hit too hard, as you could risk damaging your new bed.

Some models are designed to automatically accept the feet/castors without the need to place pressure on them. Simply position the feet/castors until you hear them “click” into place.

Turn the divan base the correct way up (feet/castors on the floor), and place your mattress on top of it. Your bed is now assembled.

Assembling two-part divan bases

Some two-part divan bases will need to be connected together with U-clips. Others require link bars. These should be supplied with your new bed.

How to build a divan bed with U-clips

After you’ve added the feet/castors (see above), turn both parts of your divan bed base on their sides and push them together so that the two flat ends meet one another.

Fit the U-clips so that they clamp around the underside edges of the divan bases. These will hold both parts firmly together.

Turn your attached divan base over and place the mattress on top.

How to build a divan bed with link bars

If your bed connects this way, it will be supplied with four bolts and two link bars.

After fitting the feet or castors, turn each part of the divan base the right way up (feet/castors on the floor) and push them together so that both parts meet.

Locate the pre-drilled bolt holes close to where the two sections of the bed meet.

Pass the bolts through the link bars, before screwing them by hand into the pre-drilled bolt holes.

Check that both parts of the base are firmly enough together, before tightening the link bars into position.

Custom Divan Bed

Product: Custom Divan Base

Assembling an ottoman divan bed

Ottoman divan beds are designed to allow the base to lift up. This provides plentiful interior storage space, making ottoman beds a great choice for smaller bedrooms. Some ottoman beds open from the foot-end of the bed, whereas others open from the side.

Depending on the model you choose, your ottoman divan bed may feature gas-lift hydraulics to make the opening/closing process easier. Thankfully, the process of assembling an ottoman divan is relatively simple, although we recommend that two people complete the assembly, as some of these products can be heavy:

Follow the steps above to fit the feet/castors and to connect both parts of the base if you have purchased a two-part ottoman divan bed.

Click the gas lift into place inside the base (the instructions will demonstrate how to do this). It is easier to insert the hydraulic lift when the lid is fully open.

If your ottoman bed is in two parts, link both sections of the lid together using the provided bolts.

Ottoman beds are designed to be used with the mattress in place. Please be aware that the gas struts may initially feel stiff while opening/closing the bed. This is normal, and movement should become easier after regular use.

How to attach a headboard to a divan base

You should find a couple of wooden struts attached to the reverse of the headboard, usually by a single screw in each strut. Loosen these two screws and rotate the struts until they are vertical.

Fasten the struts into position with screws. Note that there may be several holes in each strut to allow you to adjust the height position of the headboard.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect height, you can fasten the headboard to the divan with large-headed screws (these are generally supplied with the bed).

After your divan is assembled

Once your bed has been constructed, you can look forward to many nights of enjoyable sleep. However, it is important to ensure your bed remains in perfect condition. By adhering to these simple bed care rules, you can be certain that your product stays in the best possible shape for years to come:

If your divan bed base comes with drawers, try not to overload them. Divan bases are designed for the storage of lightweight items only. Overloading the drawers could result in warping of the bed base, which could cause an uneven surface.

Avoid moving your divan bed by the headboard. While it may seem easier to drag the bed into position by the headboard, you risk damaging both the headboard and base by doing so. This applies to all bed types, including wooden beds, cast iron beds, wrought iron beds and other bespoke metal beds.

Do not sit on the edge of the bed for prolonged periods, as this could distort the springs in the mattress.

Avoid vacuuming the mattress as this could disturb the fillings within. Instead, use a soft brush to remove dust, fluff and other debris.

Buy a divan bed or find out more

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