Our Mesh Base


Innovative New Design

Our bases are unique and headboards / footboard designs are stunning in almost any bedroom surround. Our engineers have designed an all steel bed frame complete with solid mesh base which is very durable,


Lifetime Guarantee

Our Beds are guaranteed for the expected life of a bed frame (10 Years), although they will most definitely last longer than this. We use quality steel and heavy duty fixings to ensure the beds will last for many generations to come.


No Middle Support Leg

There are no middle support legs on any of our models, not even the super king size. The beds are so strong they are not needed, which gives plenty of storage space underneath. There is also optional heights, we have 3 bolt holes on the headboards and footboards, the base can then be assembled using either the top two holes for a higher base or the bottom two for a lower base height.


Powder Coat Finish

Our beds are powder coated which basically means the paint powder is heated on. This is the most durable paint finish available and reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion and fading. It also gives a very attractive finish to the product! We have 1000s of colours to choose from so please send us your requirements and we'll be happy to assist. 


UK Manufactured

Our Bed bases are designed, manufactured and packaged by us at our own facilities. We have an engineering workshop complete with powder coater oven, a packaging area in another warehouse as well as plenty of storage to keep lead times as low as possible.


Easy to Assemble

Our beds are so easy to assemble. It takes 2 men 5 / 10 minutes. All our bolts are the same size and only 1 allen key is needed, its very simple, all it takes is a bolt and a washer in every hole you see! On every product page there is also a simple video as well as a PDF document to illustrate how are bases are put together. 


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