A good quality mattress is important for getting a good night's sleep, so it’s no wonder buyers look to get the largest mattress they can find. Often they will look for a sumptuous queen size mattress to lay on their double size bed. But can a double bed frame fit a queen mattress?

We are often asked this question, and it’s not surprising since there is nothing to stop you from laying a queen size mattress on a smaller bed frame. So the short answer is yes, you can fit a queen size mattress on a double bed frame. But the question you should be asking is, should you?

In this blog we are going to look at why fitting a larger mattress on a smaller bed frame is not necessarily a good idea. Because far from improving your sleep, you may end up disrupting it. And worse, you could end up with chronic back problems as well.

Can a double bed frame fit a queen mattress?

On the face of it, placing a queen size mattress on a double bed frame seems like a good idea. If your bed is open on all four sides there is no doubt it will fit, and you’ll then get to enjoy all the extra space of a queen size mattress without having to fork out for an expensive new bed frame.

However, placing a queen size mattress on a double size bed frame can cause lots of problems, for you, the mattress, and the frame itself. It is therefore recommended that you choose the correct size mattress for your bed frame. So what problems can an oversize mattress cause?

Scandinavian Pine Mahogany Wooden Bed Frame

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The risks of using a large mattress on a small bed frame

Disrupted sleep patterns

Mattresses are designed to displace your weight evenly across the surface. A mattress that is hanging over the edge of the bed frame will not be able to support you properly. This will lead to an uncomfortable night's sleep for both you and your partner.

Increased risk of back and neck pain

A mattress that is not supporting your body weight properly will increase the pressure on your back and neck muscles. This can lead to chronic back and neck pain in healthy adults, while people already suffering from musculoskeletal issues will notice immediate discomfort.

Risks damaging the bed frame

Wooden bed frames are designed to support the weight of the mattress and the people sleeping on it using a system of slats. These help to spread the weight evenly along the side rails. A mattress that is hanging over the edge of the bed risks putting too much pressure on the side rails.

Reduces the life of the mattress

Mattresses are designed to lay in a fixed position on a flat well-supported surface. A mattress that is free to move around increases the pressure on the springs, while memory foam mattresses that are sitting on the side rails rather than the slats will begin to sag in the middle.

Queen mattress – bed frame requirements

So what size bed frame do you need for a queen size mattress? The good news is that mattress sizes are clearly defined across all manufacturers, so it is pretty easy to find a bed frame to suit a queen size mattress no matter what budget you have.

The standard dimensions of a queen size mattress are 153 x 203 cm.

The bed frame itself should therefore be slightly larger than this. Most queen size mattress bed frames are around 156 x 208 cm. In practice, most bed frame manufacturers size their frames for specific sizes of mattresses, so they will tell you what type of mattress the frame is suitable for.

One final point, you should avoid choosing a frame that is significantly larger than your mattress. A bed frame that is too big will cause the mattress to slide around, which will be just as bad for you as a frame that is too small. A larger frame is not better if you can’t make full use of the area.

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Full and Double mattress – bed frame requirements

Full and double mattress sizes are the same size. Some manufacturers label their frames as either full size or double mattresses but essentially they mean the same thing. This type of mattress is literally twice the width of a standard single mattress.

The standard dimensions of a full/double mattress are 135 x 190 cm.

The bed frame should therefore be slightly larger than this, most standard double size bed frames are around 140 x 200 cm. You can see from this that many double size frames are actually slightly larger than they need to be.

This is because manufacturers make them larger so they don’t look lost in large rooms. Despite this, they are still not large enough to comfortably accommodate a queen size mattress. You should therefore always choose the right mattress for your bed frame size to ensure you get a good night's sleep.

Queen size mattress bed frames

So hopefully in answering the question 'can a double bed frame fit a queen mattress?' we have persuaded you that, while it is technically possible, you should avoid doing so. To fully enjoy the luxury of a queen size mattress you should invest in a queen size bed frame.

At Endurance Beds we have a range of luxury queen size bed frames suitable for any queen size mattress. We offer a range of styles including wrought iron, upholstered and wooden frames. These are available in both traditional and contemporary styles to suit your interior.


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