Beds - 12 Years Guarantee

We guarantee our wrought iron, wooden, and upholstered bed bases for at least 12 Years. Please check the individual product pages for this information before purchasing. Our guarantee covers normal sleeping use only and covers only the actual structure of the bed bases. Issues unrelated to how the bed stands structurally, however, are not covered. In the rare event of damage occurring outside of our guaranteed normal sleeping use, we can offer a very reasonable price list for spare parts, giving customers peace of mind that we are here to help.

Mattresses - 5 Years Guarantee

All of our mattresses are guaranteed for at least 5 years. Please see individual product pages again for more information before purchasing. The guarantee related to mattresses does not cover normal changes in hardness or softness of the mattress. However, our guarantee covers physical defects and changes, which cause a visible, permanent indentation.

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