If you are considering investing in a new bed, you may have come across the term 'divan'. This is a common type of bed that many people choose for its sturdiness, practicality and easy manoeuvrability.

So what is a divan bed base exactly? A divan is a type of bed that is made up of two parts; a special or bespoke bed base and a matching mattress that sits on top of it. The divan base is usually made from a strong type of wood, which makes these types of beds particularly durable. Divan bed bases also often come with built-in storage, such as pull out drawers, making them ideal for those with extra storage needs.

You can choose to keep extra bedding within the divan base, which you can easily access when you need it.

Advantages of having a divan bed base

Your divan base and its mattress are specially made to work together to give you a well supported, comfortable night of sleep. The divan base often works kind of like a second mattress, providing a soft a springy feel when you get into bed.

Marketed as a 'divan bed', 'divan', or 'divan set', this luxurious bed set is perfect for those searching for a complete solution to bedding, as they often come with a mattress. However, they can often be sold as a bed base only, meaning you can choose your own type of mattress.

Custom Divan Base

Product: Bespoke Divan Bed Base (4 Drawers) in Faux Linen Slate Grey

Easy to move

Divan bed bases are often built onto movable frames, sometimes with wheels. This makes them particularly easy to move around, making tasks such as cleaning and laundry much less effort. If you’ve ever dragged a large, heavy bed to the side, only to find a huge gathering of dust, you’ll understand the benefits of a manoeuvrable bed that can help you stay on top of cleaning.


A divan bed base usually also comes with a headboard, which typically matches the base. Divan bed bases, mattresses and headboards can be made in a range of designs and with a variety of materials and finishes. Some people prefer a plain, understated divan bed base that can offer them practical living and sleeping solutions while fitting easily into any type of bedroom. Others prefer more of a statement piece, exquisitely made in a bespoke design that is the focal point of any bedroom.

Divan with Bespoke Headboards

Product: Bespoke Divan Bed Base with Daisy Headboard

Sizes of divan bed bases

Divan bed bases can be made in a range of sizes, usually to fit standard mattress sizes. In the UK, divan bases typically are sold in single, small double, double, king size and super king size. They are designed in a way that almost any standard mattress can be fitted on top of the bed base.

Is a divan bed base right for me?

Divan bed bases can be ideal for a lot of people. If your home is short on storage, they can make handy extra drawer space, which you can use to put all kinds of things. They’re also great if you want a piece of furniture that you can easily move; some beds with traditional legs and can exceptionally difficult to move due to their weight, but a divan can often be customised to easily slide around your floor space, even if you have carpet fitted.

Bespoke Divan Base

Product: Bespoke Divan Bed Base (2 Drawers Same Side) in Faux Linen Slate Grey

How does divan base storage space work?

Divan storage space can be built into the bed base in a number of ways. You can either pick a divan bed that has pull out drawers built into the frame, which you simply slide out just like your chest of drawers. Alternatively, some divan beds need to be lifted up out of the base to reveal storage space within it. Storage systems in divan bases can be visible or hidden. If you like the idea of hidden space, the lift-up version is probably better suited to you. If you would prefer drawers, you can often choose between having visible handles, or from hidden opening mechanisms.

What is a divan bed base likely to cost?

The price of a new divan bed base will vary drastically, depending on a number of factors. First of all, the size of your bed will impact the price, with single beds of course costing far less than super king sizes. You’ll also have to think about whether you want to customise your divan bed. Some brands offer this as an option; you can choose between a plethora of fabrics, finishes and styles. The more bespoke you go, the more it will likely cost. Also, think about the storage space you are building into your divan bed. If you prefer a custom solution to a standard offering, you’ll almost always pay more.

Some divan bed bases are sold separately to the mattress. If this is the case, you will need to also consider the cost of a mattress to go with your bed. The cost of these can vary considerably, from just a couple of hundred pounds all the way up to thousands for the most advanced types. Divan bed bases can come in all kinds of finishes, from dimpled velvet to contemporary wood. Sometimes, the type of wood or fabric you go for can add more to the overall cost of your divan bed. Woods such as mahogany and oak and fabrics such as real leather or suede can be a considerable extra cost.

More Information

If you’d like to hear more about divan bed bases and sets, get in touch with Endurance Beds today. With more than 13 years’ experience in providing divan beds, we offer our customers a bespoke service, hand-crafting timeless bedroom furniture. Based in Norfolk, we serve the whole of the UK, making each of our beds here at our UK workshop. Each solid bed frame we make comes with a 12 year guarantee, so get in touch today for a highs quality, tailor-made solution.

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