For many years, the bedroom has been the pivotal design element of the home. From the status symbol elite four-poster beds of a bygone age to the pine wooden beds we all had in the 90s, our bed frame ultimately defines our taste and culture in just one piece of furniture. So where are we now bed-wise in the modern age, and how can we best dress that room in which we spend so many hours of the day?

Living in a material world – what does an upholstered bed mean? Bespoke, upholstered beds mean you can customise headboards and footboards from a range of different soft materials, from leather to velvet. Upholstered beds rely on soft padding of textiles on headboards to footboards to create a soft and inviting bed. No longer are we limited by hard bed structures; now we can treat ourselves to what is often considered the more luxurious end of the bed market. But what would an upholstered bed mean for your décor, and why are they worth investing in?

A bed that will stand the test of time Upholstered beds undoubtedly are in vogue in today’s fashion stakes. We all know some fashion statements never go out of style (I mean, the mini skirt has been in since the 60s), and the furniture you choose for your bedroom is no different. With solid and bespoke, upholstered beds, you can create a bed frame that you can guarantee will stand the test of time.

We all might be guilty of buying new bedding and scatter cushions every few months to satisfy our new colour schemes, but inevitably our bed frames stand the test of time no matter what colour palettes we choose – so it’s worth doing that part right. While a wooden or metal bedframe allows for customisation in the bedding department, nothing says ‘bespoke’ quite like an upholstered bed. In essence, it shows ultimate design choice right down to the last detail. And really, when did tailor-made customisation ever go out of style?

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Vancouver Fabric Bed

Product: Vancouver Fabric Bed

Suit your space

Much like our clothing, beds can be tailored and dressed to suit the wearer (or bedroom in this case). Investing in a custom upholstered bed means you can choose from a custom range of colours, fabrics and textures to best suit your style, giving the space dimension and character. For bigger and more intimidatingly open spaces, the layering of texture can bring that much-needed cosiness we need for a slumber pad.

For smaller rooms, on the other hand, an upholstered bed can act as an impressive feature aspect. This one piece of furniture can add a regal centre point to any bedroom – and, depending on your choice of upholstery, can serve as an impressive splash of character to suit your taste. Whether it’s a silky velvet for that more timeless taste of splendour, earthy tweed to complement the more rustic home, or a sharp and sophisticated leather for a modern take on the classic, upholstered beds can be customised to complete and create an incredible sense of character in that all-important room.

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Upholstered beds bring a little splash of the sumptuous

It goes without saying, upholstered furnishings are undoubtedly sumptuous by their very nature. Luxuriousness and plushness are what you expect from a bed at the very least – so why should this be limited to just a mattress?

Sheringham Wingback Bed Frame

Product: Sheringham Wingback Bed Frame

What does an upholstered bed mean in terms of styling in the boudoir?

Well, if you’re trying to give a bedroom that undeniable sense of opulence, then upholstered beds are where it’s at. This one piece of furniture effortlessly transforms even the plainest of rooms into something a little grander. Where once a four-poster bed was the epitome of luxury in every manor across the land, it’s now all about exquisitely designed headboards and beds that create personality. A well-designed, elegant headboard or bedframe can really be more important than the décor itself.

A few years ago, a wall of feature wallpaper was the token trademark of many a bedroom. Now, however, well-designed bedframes have taken over as the key component to any interior design choice. So, to bring that sense of elegance to your bedroom, look no further.

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Being both versatile in design, and customised to suit your needs, taste and style, upholstered beds really tick all the boxes. Find the perfect bedframe for you from our range of bespoke, UK-made bedframes.

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