When designing or redecorating a long, narrow bedroom, there are a few things you can do to make the most out of the space you have. You want to make sure you're choosing your bed design and storage options carefully to widen your horizons and create a bedroom you love. With this in mind, here are our favourite long & narrow bedroom design ideas.

Use light colours

To maximise the space in a long or narrow bedroom, it is helpful to purchase furniture that is a light colour. Choosing matching light-coloured bed frames, wardrobes or drawers for storage will also help to make the room feel larger than it is. Our white, grey or oak furniture range is perfect for enhancing a narrow bedroom and bringing the space to life.

Paint the ceiling white

Often, we may not think about the ceiling when it comes to designing a room, however, if your bedroom is on the small side, painting your ceiling white can have the effect of making it appear taller and larger.

When decorating a long, narrow bedroom, you also want it to feel bright when you enter, so having white walls and ceilings is an easy and effective trick to help make your narrow room appear more light and open throughout the year.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space

Mirrors are a great way to make a room look larger and can also add more light to the space. For example, you can use them to reflect light in your room by placing a mirror on the wall opposite your window.

However, if you would rather invest in a small mirror that will not take up too much space, our Wellington single-table mirror is the perfect size to fit on your desk or bedside table without taking up any of your floor space.

Hang curtains from ceiling to floor

Another bedroom essential that can help to widen your long, narrow bedroom is the curtains. Hanging curtains that go all the way from the ceiling to the floor can help draw the eye upwards, creating an illusion of more space.

Make sure to opt for neutral colours when choosing your curtains, such as white and grey, to keep the room bright even when they are blocking out light.

Consider your headboard

Headboards come in wood, metal and several other materials which can also be painted or stained to match the rest of your room. While we all love an extravagant headboard, for a long, narrow bedroom, you don't want anything too bold as you risk overwhelming the space.

Keep it simple by going for one of our fuchsia, lilac or mallow headboards to add a touch of colour with a subtle impact.

You could also add some extra light to your bedroom by putting some string lights on your headboard, which will also make it stand out without being too overpowering.

Fuchsia Strutted Headboard

Product: Fuchsia Strutted Headboard

Use fitted cupboards

By investing in bespoke cupboards for your narrow bedroom, you can customise them to fit the space so that they will not take up too much room. They are also handy as they can double as a bedside table or desk- another way of maximising the use of your narrow bedroom.

If you have space under your eaves, make sure to use this for storage to minimise the amount of floor space you take up.

If you would rather have a few options for storage in your narrow room, opt for our cameo chest of drawers that come in a long slim style and are perfect for fitting into the corner of a room and not taking up too much space.

Choose your bed wisely

The centre point of any bedroom is the bed, which is why you need to think carefully about what type will suit the style of your room.

For a long, narrow room, a great option to help maximise the space would be one of our platform beds, available in wood or metal and either a black or white design.

Wooden Platform Bed

Product: Lingwood Platform Bed

Not only will these neutral tones make your room feel larger, but the bed is also positioned a good distance above the floor, creating a whole new layer of storage space perfect for hiding any loose items you could not fit in your cameo chest of drawers.

Another great choice for a room requiring storage space is our upholstered bed collection. Made from solid wood and strong hinges, the ottoman base easily lifts up, providing a large cavern of storage that will be hidden out of sight beneath your mattress.

We also offer beds in a range of sizes from super king down to 3ft single beds, ensuring that our furniture caters for all room designs. For a long, narrow room, you may opt for a single bed to take up less space, or if you believe your bed should be the centrepiece, you may be able to squeeze in a double.

Need more long & narrow bedroom design ideas?

The most important thing about a bedroom is that it feels cosy and comfortable. We know this can be difficult when you don’t have much space, but at Endurance Beds, we cater for all types of bedrooms, offering bespoke beds and bedroom furniture in a variety of styles and sizes. If you have a narrow room, we’ve made sure there are furniture options you can use no matter how tight the space is.

Explore our beds, headboards and storage furniture today. Or for more long & narrow bedroom design ideas, speak to a member of our team.

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