The charm of a new build lies in its fresh canvas—clean lines, open spaces, and endless possibilities. However, often, these modern constructions can feel somewhat soulless, lacking the character and personality that older homes boast. The good news is that you can infuse character into your new build, and one of the most impactful ways to do so is by selecting the right bed. In this blog, we'll explore various strategies for adding character to a new build and delve into bed styles that can serve as the focal point of your bedroom, elevating the entire space.

Incorporate Architectural Features

Architectural details can dramatically change the feel of your new build. Consider adding wainscoting, crown moulding, or ceiling beams to create visual interest and a sense of history. These features add character by evoking the charm of older homes and providing depth to your space.

Choose Unique Flooring

While new builds often come with pristine flooring, consider adding character by incorporating unique materials or patterns. Reclaimed wood, herringbone tile, or vintage-inspired rugs can all bring warmth and character to your floors.

Experiment with Wall Treatments

Give your walls a makeover with textured wallpaper, shiplap, or bold paint colours. These choices can create a distinctive backdrop for your furniture and add personality to your new build.

Vintage and Antique Finds

Incorporating vintage or antique furniture and décor pieces can instantly add character to your space. Hunt for unique pieces at flea markets, thrift stores, or online marketplaces. An antique dresser or a vintage accent chair can become a conversation starter in your home.

Personalise Your Space

Adding your personal touch is key to creating character. Display family photos, artwork, or souvenirs from your travels to make your home uniquely yours. A gallery wall or a collection of meaningful items can tell your story and add warmth.

Utilise Lighting to Set the Mood

Consider statement lighting fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights, or vintage lamps. The right lighting can set the mood and create a sense of character in your new build.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bringing nature indoors can infuse character and tranquillity into your space. Consider adding indoor plants, wooden furniture, or stone accents to create a harmonious connection with the natural world.

Embrace Eclectic Style

Mixing styles and eras can add depth and character to your home. Don't be afraid to combine modern and traditional elements. An eclectic approach allows you to showcase your personality and create a unique atmosphere.

Create a Focal Point with Unique Beds

Now, let's dive into one of the most significant character-enhancing elements: the bed. The choice of your bed can set the tone for your entire bedroom and contribute to the overall character of your home. Here are some bed styles that can add character to your new build:

a. Four-Poster Bed

A four-poster bed is a timeless classic that can bring a sense of grandeur to your bedroom. Whether you choose a traditional wood finish or a more modern metal frame, the imposing structure of a four-poster bed adds character and a touch of drama to your space.

b. Canopy Bed

Similar to four-poster beds, canopy beds have a regal and romantic quality. They create an intimate, cozy atmosphere and can serve as a captivating centerpiece in your bedroom. Choose from sleek, modern designs or ornate, vintage-inspired canopies to match your character preferences.

c. Sleigh Bed

Sleigh beds are known for their distinctive curved headboards and footboards. They often come in rich wood finishes that exude warmth and character. A sleigh bed can be a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of traditional charm in a modern setting.

d. Platform Bed

Platform beds are sleek, low-profile, and minimalistic. They offer a contemporary look that's perfect for modern new builds. With a wide range of materials and designs to choose from, you can find a platform bed that suits your character and style preferences.

e. Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds provide a soft and inviting aesthetic. They come in various fabric options, allowing you to personalize your bed's look. Upholstered headboards can add a touch of luxury and comfort, contributing to the overall character of your bedroom.

f. Rustic Bed

For a cosy and rustic character, consider a wooden bed with a distressed finish. Rustic beds, often made from reclaimed wood, add warmth and a sense of history to your space, making them an excellent choice for new builds that need a touch of age and character.

10. Layer Textures and Patterns

To enhance the character of your bedroom, layer different textures and patterns in your bedding, curtains, and décor. Mixing materials like linen, velvet, and silk can add depth and visual interest, making your bedroom feel more inviting and unique.

In Conclusion

Transforming a new build into a character-filled home is all about infusing your personal style and preferences into the space. From architectural details to unique bed choices, each element contributes to the overall character of your home. By carefully selecting a bed that resonates with your style, you can create a bedroom that not only provides comfort but also becomes a statement piece, elevating the character of your entire new build.

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