Having a good night's sleep is key for maintaining good health and wellbeing and the key to achieving this is a comfortable mattress. A great mattress will provide back support and comfort and must be durable to ensure that you feel consistently supported during your sleep. We hope to inform you about the myths of mattress flipping and provide you with ways to find your perfect mattress for the best sleep at night!

Why do people want to flip mattresses?

Discomfort and lumps

Discomfort is the main reason that leads people to feel like they need to flip their mattresses. Mattresses can cause discomfort when the filling is disturbed and disrupted as a result of extended use. As having a comfortable mattress is key to achieving good sleep, an uncomfortable mattress can negatively affect your health and wellbeing, which is why many attempt to resolve this issue by flipping their mattresses.

Similarly, lumps can quite easily form from a well-used mattress as the mattress filling becomes disrupted. These lumps can make it hard to find a comfortable sleeping and/or resting position, which is why many use these lumps as an indicator that their mattress needs to be flipped - yet this doesn't actually get rid of the mattress lumps.

The mattress is worn out

Sometimes, people believe that a worn out, old mattress can be revived by flipping it over. Signs of a worn-out mattress includes an uncomfortable sleep of tossing and turning and a regular creaking sound from the mattress springs.

Why standard mattresses shouldn't be flipped

Contrary to popular belief, not all mattresses are suitable to be flipped over. For example, most standard single-sided mattresses, including memory foam mattresses, hybrid, pillow-top and latex mattresses are not designed to be flipped over and slept on. By flipping over a single-side mattress, you run the risk of completely ruining the mattress itself by flipping it over and sleeping and applying pressure to the comfort layer.

To avoid this, it is extremely important that you make sure that your mattress is double-sided before you attempt to flip it over. It is also important to add that flipping a heavy mattress can be a difficult task of physical exertion so it is important to proceed with caution to avoid any potential injury or furniture damage.

Bespoke Mattress UK

Product: Custom Memory Foam 1200 Mattress

Solutions to improving mattresses that don't involve flipping it

If you have a single-sided mattress that is no longer suiting your needs and failing to provide you with a comfortably supported night's sleep, we would strongly recommend investing in one of our custom mattresses that can be personally designed to match your sleeping needs and provide you with the comfort that you need for maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule.

Designing a custom mattress

We have an extensive collection of customisable mattresses at Endurance Beds that can be tailored to your mattress needs. Whether you want a certain size to pair with an already existing bed frame, or you're looking for a comfort level that will support your back and still be comfortable to sleep on, you are sure to find the right mattress for you that has been specially manufactured to suit all of your needs.

Our extensive collection of mattresses include a variety of double-sided and single-sided mattresses to suit your preferences, as well as a selection of specially designed memory foam mattresses to provide extra comfort. Each of our bespoke mattresses can be tailor-made to adjust the length, width and depth to ensure that you feel at your most relaxed and comfortable before you go to sleep.

Advantages of a custom mattress

- Finding the perfect size

Choosing the right size mattress can be key to securing a good sleep. When considering the right size, you must consider the length and width that you wish your bed to be. We stock a range of mattress sizes, from a small single size up to a king-sized mattress. If you have a bed frame that requires unique measurements, or if you are taller and wish for a longer lengthed mattress, we can tailor your mattress to suit your needs and fulfil what a standard-sized mattress cannot.

- Finding the perfect level of comfort for you

By opting for a custom-made mattress, you get to choose the perfect level of comfort that suits your needs and wants. As comfort is key to falling asleep and avoiding tossing and turning during the night, finding your comfort level is extremely important. Our customisable mattress tension options ensure that you can choose the right comfort level for you - we offer four types of mattress tension including soft and medium and two firm options: regular and extra-firm. Having a customised comfort level ensures that your mattress is tailored to your individual needs of comfort and can suit your individual body support needs in a way that a standard mattress is not.

- High quality

Opting for a bespoke custom mattress ensures that you are going to have a high-quality mattress that will secure a healthy and peaceful sleep. Our mattresses go one step further than simply providing you with a good sleep by using skin-safe and anti-bug technology that protects your skin from irritation and discomfort and keeps your mattress in good condition.

- Increased durability

Custom mattresses have significantly boosted durability and longevity as they have been specially designed and manufactured. If you're looking to invest in a long-lasting mattress that will continue to provide you with comfortable sleep for a long time after your purchase, we strongly recommend that you choose a customised mattress.

If you would like to view our wide-ranging bespoke mattress collection, you can visit our website. If you are interested in designing a customised mattress that is tailored to your individual needs, you can contact us at Endurance Beds for more information.

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