When your mattress no longer provides you with a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep, it’s time to invest in a new one. But while it’s exciting to have a wonderful new mattress, you’ll want to dispose of your old one responsibly. As experts in beds and mattresses, we’ve gathered together everything you need to consider if you’ve been asking yourself, can a mattress be taken to the tip?

Can a mattress be taken to the tip?

Most tips and local refuse centres will accept mattresses. However, it is always worth calling in advance or checking their website beforehand. A quick internet search and you should be able to find your local rubbish and recycling services.

If you want to dispose of your mattress at your local tip, remember to ask the following:

  • Is your car big enough to fit a mattress in? If not, you may have to hire a van. Many tips only allow vans on certain days or require a permit, so do your research first.
  • Do you need to book an appointment to visit your tip? Some centres have now introduced appointment systems, so you can’t just turn up.
  • Are you able to remove the mattress from your vehicle yourself, or will you need someone to come with you for assistance?
  • Remember, not all tips recycle mattresses, so it may end up in a landfill. Check with your centre to find out about their mattress disposal policies.

Can mattresses be recycled?

Many of us are keen to reduce the amount that we send to landfills. Luckily, mattresses can be recycled and there are a growing number of facilities around the UK that handle them. The elements within your mattress that will typically be recycled include the metal springs, the wadding and the foam. All of these can be turned into new materials and products.

According to The National Bed Federation, more than seven million mattresses were disposed of in 2017. Of these, 1% were reused or refurbished and 19% were recycled. While this may not seem a huge figure, the recycling rate of mattresses has been steadily increasing since 2016.

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Other ways to get rid of your old mattress

While taking your mattress to the tip is one way to dispose of it, there are other options available to you. Here we answer some common questions about getting rid of old mattresses:

Will the council collect my old mattress?

The majority of councils offer a bulky items collection service, which normally includes mattresses. In a Which survey in 2021, 12% of respondents had their old mattress collected by their council.

This can be a quick and convenient way to dispose of your old mattress, but there is often a charge, which can be expensive. Find out if your council provides a mattress collection and what charges are involved in the service.

Can I give my mattress away?

If your mattress still has life in it, you could try giving it away for free. Ask friends and family if they could use it, as it might be suitable for a spare room.

You could also try giving it away for free on an online local advertising or community board, or try Freecycle.org or Gumtree.com.

If you no longer need your mattress and it’s in a good condition you could try selling it. While the market value of used mattresses is often quite low, you will have the pleasure of knowing it is being used in another home.

Do charities accept old mattresses?

There are charities that will accept old mattresses, but they will ask for them to have a valid fire label, be clean and in good, saleable condition.

Look for local charities which offer this service, or try national charities such as the British Heart Foundation.

Can I get a specialist waste company to collect my mattress?

There are a number of dedicated waste firms which collect old mattresses.

Remember to enquire about the cost and when it will be picked up. You should also ask if it will be collected from inside your home or if you need to leave it outside.

Can I burn or fly tip my old mattress?

Neither of these would be a safe or responsible way to get rid of a mattress. It is illegal to fly-tip waste in public areas, and you may end up with a fine. Many councils are forced to spend huge amounts of public funds clearing up fly-tipping, so it’s vital to ensure your mattress doesn’t end up contributing to the problem.

Burning your mattress could be highly dangerous. As they are so large, a burning mattress could easily lead to an out-of-control fire and could emit fumes.

Instead, try one of the safer options above.

Choosing your new mattress

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘can a mattress be taken to the tip?’ Once you’ve decided how to safely dispose of your old mattress, you can confidently purchase a new one.

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