The importance of a good night's sleep isn't lost on anyone. When you don't have enough sleep, it can have a detrimental effect on the rest of your life; everything from your overall health to your ability to concentrate suffers. Finding the right mattress is key to getting the best night's sleep possible. But what is the right kind of mattress for your bed? Can you use a regular mattress on a bunk bed?

Is it possible to use a normal mattress?

The answer is a straightforward 'yes'. You may think that you need to have a specific type of mattress to use on your bunk bed, but the reality of the matter is that you can choose any mattress you want, as long as it's suitable for the bed.

How can you use a regular mattress on a bunk bed?

When you're looking at mattresses, there are some key considerations that you should make:


Is the mattress the right thickness?


Mattresses for bunk beds need to be the right thickness. If it's too thin then there's a chance you're going to get an uncomfortable night's sleep. But if it's too thick, the person lying on it is going to be too high up. As a good rule of thumb, you're looking for a mattress between five and eight inches thick for both top and bottom bunks.

Make sure the mattress isn't so thick that it covers up the safety railing. Choosing a thinner mattress doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Mattress technology is consistently improving, allowing a comfortable and supportive night's sleep even on a relatively thin mattress. A lightweight thin mattress will also make bed changes easier.


Think about choosing a foam mattress


Spring mattresses are generally quite bouncy, which you may not want in a mattress that's going to be used on a bunk bed, particularly on the top bunk, and especially if the mattress is going to be slept on by a child. A foam mattress will not be so bouncy, but it will still offer the level of comfort and support you're looking for to ensure a great night's sleep. There's a broad variety of foam mattresses available, so choosing a foam mattress doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice anything else to do with the style and spec of your mattress.


Understand how firm you want it to be


There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to mattress firmness, as it's entirely down to how you prefer your mattress to be. Everyone has a basic preference. Some prefer a mattress to be soft enough to sink into, while others naturally prefer a mattress to be firmer. It's important to think about any other issues that you may have while choosing the right mattress, however.

Think about back issues or joint problems you or the person sleeping on it may be experiencing. This will require you to get a mattress with a certain level of support to ensure a great night's sleep. If it's too soft or too hard, the necessary support isn't provided, ultimately compromising sleep quality.


Do some research before you commit to anything


If you're going to invest in a mattress that's great quality, it's not going to be cheap. The quality of the investment depends on it being able to provide years and years of comfortable sleeping. So, whatever kind of mattress you choose, it's important to make sure that you have done your research on the manufacturer and the specific mattress itself.

Take to the search engines and see what other people are saying about that company and the mattress. You're looking for general reviews as well as reviews specifically provided by customers detailing their actual experiences of using and sleeping on that mattress. This will help you make the most informed possible decision on your purchase.

Understanding the dimensions of your bed

When you're shopping around for the right mattress, it's important to know the dimensions of your bed. If you already have an existing bunk bed you're buying for, be sure to thoroughly measure it to give you the measurements you'll need to find a great fitting mattress. If you're interested in investing in bespoke bunk beds, it's also important to keep track of any measurements, especially if you have the beds made in non-standard sizes.

Why not have a mattress made for you?

There's no reason you only have to be satisfied with what you find in mattresses that are already available. You can have a truly bespoke mattress made for you, tailored to your specifications and your needs. This will give you control over the dimensions of the mattress, the thickness of it, and the construction technique, allowing you to create a mattress that is literally tailor-made to fit your bunk beds. If you're buying a bespoke bunk bed, you can have a completely bespoke mattress set made to fit it at the same time.

Making a choice you can rely on

However you decide to find the perfect mattress for your bunk beds, remember that you can use a normal mattress on a bunk bed. Whether you're going to buy one that is pre-made or you're interested in taking the next step into comfort by having a mattress completely manufactured to your specifications, make sure you understand your needs first.

Think about who will be sleeping on the bunk bed, what kind of mattress they would prefer, and how it's best going to fit with the design of your bunk bed. Understanding this ahead of time will save you money in the long run.

For more information on your bunk bed mattress options, contact Endurance Beds today.

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