As you begin shopping for a new bed, you’ll likely stumble across some of the different bed sizes. Some are more common than others, such as queen size or king size beds. Some are harder to come by though, such as the imposing emperor bed. Emperor beds are one of the largest bed sizes, offering a luxurious sleeping experience for those who like plenty of space to stretch out at night. These beds are significantly bigger than a standard bed size, so you may be wondering - how big is an emperor bed? Read on to learn more about the size of an emperor bed, the benefits they offer, and other important details about these beds.

What Size is an Emperor Bed?

So, how big is an emperor bed? Well, the actual size of this type of bed can vary slightly between different retailers, but generally speaking, it measures around 200 cm x 200 cm at the lower end and up to 215 cm x 215 cm at the upper end.

Unsurprisingly, this type of bed isn’t quite as common as other sizes due to its bigger size. The large size of the bed can make it difficult to get it into a smaller property or flat, so it’s best suited for larger homes.

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What are the Benefits of an Emperor Bed?

If you can fit it in your home (and budget) an emperor bed is a fantastic choice that will dramatically improve your sleep. There are plenty of benefits associated with an emperor bed, such as:

Bigger Size

The bigger size of the emperor bed is one of its most notable benefits. You’ll be able to stretch out as much as you can while lying down in an emperor bed, even if you’re sleeping with someone beside you. You’ve got total freedom of movement and you won’t disturb the person next to you while they sleep. What’s more, you’re much less likely to be fighting for space because it’s so roomy!

Built to Last

Due to the larger size of emperor beds, they’re designed with durability in mind to accommodate the additional weight of the mattress. This means the various components for the frames are made with a stronger material, as are the other accessories. So all aspects of an emperor bed are built to last. Moreover, as these are seen as luxury beds, they often include innovative design concepts that keep the bed looking fresh and new for a while. So, you can consider an emperor bed as a bit of an investment over a more standard bed.

Better Sleep

An emperor bed offers a higher quality sleeping environment, from the heightened build quality to the extra space. So if you’re a restless sleeper then the additional comfort and better quality of an emperor bed can make it easier for you to get a full night’s rest. If you find yourself waking up for 20 to 30 minutes during the night, then you might be a restless sleeper who could really benefit from an emperor bed.

An emperor bed is also good for partners of restless sleepers, as they won’t be disturbed by their partner waking up in the middle of the night. The extra space provided by an emperor bed means that tossing and turning won’t impact the other person’s rest. So it’s safe to say that an emperor bed can do wonders when it comes to helping you get a night of better sleep.

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Considerations Before Buying an Emperor Bed

Although an emperor bed is a fantastic upgrade from standard beds, it’s not suitable for all scenarios. So to make sure you’re making the right decision with an emperor bed, you should take into account the following considerations:

The Size of the Emperor Bed

An emperor bed will take up considerable amounts of space in your bedroom, so make sure the dimensions of the bed will work with your bedroom space. There are other practicalities that you’ll need to factor in if you’re thinking about an emperor bed, like how you’ll get it into your property. Due to its larger size, it can be quite cumbersome to move upstairs and through narrow doorways. So always make sure you measure these areas to make sure it all works for your new emperor bed.

The Price Tag

If you’re working on a tight budget, then you’ll struggle to find an emperor bed that won’t cost more than a more conventional bed. In most cases, a double bed is good enough, so if you’re trying to keep the costs down then be sure to shop around and make sure that you make the best financial decision.

The Upkeep

This is a minor consideration, but it’s still worth mulling over. Emperor beds use larger sheets and bedding, so you’ll need to invest in the right sizes to keep your emperor bed looking the part. They’re also a little more challenging to change due to the bigger size, so if you’re doing it alone the process of changing the sheets can take quite a while.


An emperor bed is one of the largest standard sizes of mattresses and beds. The size can vary slightly, but standard sizes range from 200 cm x 200 cm to 215 cm x 215 cm. This size offers a range of benefits, especially for couples who are looking for plenty of space to sleep comfortably. When shopping for an emperor bed, it’s important to consider a few different things like if it will fit easily into your bedroom, if you can fit it in your budget and how easy it will be to maintain it.

If you’re considering an emperor bed, take a look at the high-quality emperor beds available at Endurance Beds today.

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