Fabric bed frames have become a popular choice for their aesthetic appeal and comfort. However, maintaining them can be a challenge. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for ensuring a long-lasting bed frame. This guide will provide practical advice on how to clean and maintain fabric bed frames effectively.

Understanding Your Fabric Bed Frame

Before diving into cleaning techniques, it's important to understand the type of fabric your bed frame is covered with. Common types include linen, velvet, and cotton. Check the manufacturer's label for specific care instructions.

Tips and Techniques for Cleaning and Maintaining Fabric Bed Frames

Deep Cleaning Techniques

  1. Vacuuming: The First Line of Defence

    • Frequency: Conduct a thorough vacuuming session bi-weekly.
    • Technique: Move the vacuum slowly over the fabric to ensure all dust and particles are captured. Pay special attention to crevices where dust can accumulate.
  2. Spot Cleaning: Immediate and Effective

    • Technique: Mix a solution of mild soap and warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the solution, wring it out so it’s damp, and gently dab the stain.
    • Additional Tip: For tougher stains, consider a fabric cleaner specifically designed for upholstery, following the product instructions closely.
  3. Steam Cleaning: For a Comprehensive Clean

    • Process: Rent or purchase a steam cleaner designed for upholstery. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to steam clean the entire fabric surface of the bed frame.
    • Caution: Ensure the fabric type of your bed frame can handle the heat and moisture of steam cleaning.

Products to Use and Avoid

  1. Recommended Cleaning Solutions

    • Fabric-specific Cleaners: Look for cleaners that are specifically formulated for the type of fabric of your bed frame.
    • Homemade Solutions: A mixture of vinegar and water can be effective for certain fabrics. Test any homemade solution on a small area first.
  2. Products to Avoid

    • Harsh Chemicals: Strong cleaning agents can damage fabric fibres.
    • Excessive Water: Over-saturating the fabric can lead to moisture damage in the bed frame’s structure.

Bircham Fabric Bed Frame

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Dealing with Odours and Freshening Up

  1. Baking Soda: A Natural Deodorizer

    • Application: Generously sprinkle baking soda over the entire fabric surface. Let it sit for several hours or overnight for strong odours.
    • Removal: Vacuum the baking soda thoroughly to refresh the fabric.
  2. Fabric Fresheners

    • Selection: Opt for a spray specifically designed for fabric upholstery. Natural and lightly scented options can provide freshness without overwhelming the senses.

Regular Maintenance for Longevity

  1. Fabric Protection

    • Protective Sprays: Consider using a fabric protection spray to repel stains and spills. Make sure it's suitable for your specific type of fabric.
  2. Professional Cleaning

    • Annual Deep Clean: Schedule a yearly professional cleaning for your fabric bed frame to ensure a deep and thorough clean that maintains the fabric’s integrity.
  3. General Care

    • Fluffing and Adjusting: Regularly fluff any fabric cushions and make adjustments to ensure even wear and tear.
    • Checking for Loose Threads: Snip any loose threads with scissors instead of pulling them, to prevent further unravelling of the fabric.
  4. Environment Control

    • Humidity and Temperature: Keep the room at a consistent temperature and humidity level to prevent the fabric from warping or becoming mouldy.

Common Maintenance Tips

  • Tightening Screws and Joints: Regularly check and tighten any screws or joints to ensure the bed frame remains sturdy.
  • Rotating the Mattress: Regularly rotating your mattress will help prevent uneven wear on the bed frame.
  • Avoid Jumping on the Bed: This can strain the frame and fabric, leading to premature wear.


Taking care of a fabric bed frame may require a bit more effort than other types, but with the right approach, you can maintain its beauty and functionality for years. Regular cleaning, immediate attention to spills, and proper maintenance techniques are key. By following these practical tips, you can ensure your fabric bed frame remains a comfortable and attractive centrepiece in your bedroom.

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