Roughly 20% of women and 40% of men snore, that is over 2 billion affected people on this planet. Read on to find some simple lifestyle changes which could help combat your snoring once and for all.  

Change Your Sleeping Position

Laying on your back makes the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse against the back of the throat, this causes a vibrating sound when you are sleeping, try sleeping on your side to prevent this.  You can also try elevating the head of the bed by approximately 4 inches which will keep your airways open.

Having the Right Mattress

Most people don’t even consider that their mattress might be the cause for snoring when in fact it could play a large part. They can be the cause of allergies (see below) or could be providing inadequate support. If your head isn’t properly supported while you are sleeping the tissues in your throat can start to sag and your jaw can fall open making your breath noisy at its moves past due to the obstructions in your airways.

You therefore need to choose a mattress which conforms to the curve of your spine and supports your head and neck. Choosing a memory foam mattress may be the answer you are looking for, they provide support along all the natural curves and lines of the body allowing your airways to be kept clear.

Improve Your Sleeping Habits

If you are overtired when you do eventually drop to sleep it tends to be a much deeper sleep, this makes the throat muscles floppier creating a vacuum effect in the throat hence the sound of snoring.

Avoid Alcohol

If you aren’t usually a snorer you could well be after you have consumed alcohol, it reduces the resting tone of muscles in your throat resulting in a higher chance of snoring. 

Quit or Reduce Smoking

The smoke from cigarettes can irritate the lining of your throat and nose, this can lead to swelling and Catarrh which will both limit airflow.

Lose Weight if you are Overweight

Being overweight increases the amount of tissue in your throat that may be a causing factor for this problem, try cutting those calories and exercising regularly.

Treat/ Help with Allergies

Allergies around your sleeping environment can cause inflammation and nasal congestion. These can come from many things including pillows, dust mites and pet hairs.  Tips to avoid these include:

  • Frequently Washing all Bedding.

  • Regularly Vacuuming your Sleeping Area.

  • Turn Your Mattress – Dust can get trapped under your mattress so make sure it is regularly cleaned.

  • Wipe Down hard surfaces – Dust can accumulate on flat surfaces; regular cleaning should avoid a build-up.


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