If you have recently purchased your first bunk bed or you're thinking about buying one in the near future, learning how to put up wooden bunk beds should be a priority. The good news is that assembling these beds is much easier than most people assume it will be. For your first assembly, some simple guidance can make all the difference.

In this guide, we will talk you through everything you need to know before you start assembling your bunk bed and walk you through the process step by step. Wooden bunk beds today come in a range of designs and styles, but the assembly process is virtually identical for most of them. Always check the instructions that come with your bed before you begin assembly so you can ensure every component is there and you have all the tools you'll need.

Safety first

Putting up bunk beds shouldn't be a dangerous activity, but there are some precautions you should take:

- Always use the manufacturer's recommended mattress size

- Ensure the mattress is at least five inches below the guard rails

- Check the integrity of the bed and be sure everything is properly secured before you let anyone use it

- Only use included parts and components

How to put up wooden bunk beds: What you need to know beforehand

Before you begin assembling your wooden bunk beds, you should check the instruction manual to determine exactly what's involved. Putting up a bunk bed will require some time, so it's best to get it done when you have an afternoon free. You should aim to complete the entire assembly from start to finish in one session, rather than putting it down and coming back to it later.

If at all possible, you should also find someone to assist with the job. There's some heavy lifting involved, and screwing different parts of the bed together while trying to support their weight is difficult without any assistance. Similarly, assembling the bed in the room you want to put it in will make things easier. Trying to squeeze a fully assembled bunk bed through a bedroom door is a logistical nightmare; you don't want to end up having to dismantle the bed and then reassemble it.

But beyond that, putting bunk beds together is a relatively simple and straightforward process. As long as you have accounted for everything above, you are ready to proceed. The step by step guide below will tell you how to put up wooden bunk beds in the simplest terms possible. 

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Step One: Preparation

Before you start assembling your bunk beds, you need to ensure you have all the components and tools required, including the instruction manual, which should be in or affixed to the box your bunk beds come in. This manual will show you what pieces should be included and what tools you will need to finish the job. Laying the component pieces out beforehand in the order you will need them will streamline the assembly.

Step two: Assembling the bottom bed

To start with, you want to attach the side rails to both the footboard and headboard. Virtually every bunk bed will include all the nuts and bolts you need, and there are usually pre-drilled holes on each piece to make assembly easier. Some bunk beds have one hole on each corner; others have two. Ensure that the corner bolts are fastened property. Otherwise, it can compromise the integrity of the bed.

Step three: Inserting the slats

With the bed frame assembled, you're ready to insert the slats into the side rails. There will usually be pre-drilled holes where you need to screw in the slats. Make sure all the slats are secure and properly screwed in.

Step four: Assembling the top bunk

To put the top bunk together, repeat the same steps as for the bottom bunk. You should assemble the top bunk while it's still on the floor and then install it in position. However, once you've attached the side rails to the headboard and footboard and installed the slats, you need to add the guardrails before putting the top bunk in position. As with the slats, make sure the guardrails are properly secured.

Step five: Installing the top bunk over the bottom bunk

You'll need someone to help you with this part of the process. Together, lift the top bunk into position and make sure the pre-drilled holes in the bedposts are aligned. You can then connect the two beds together using the connector pins.

Step six: Attaching the ladder

The top bunk should include hooks to attach to the ladder. Using the hooks, put the ladder in place and attach it to the side rails of the top bunk. Use the included screws to secure the ladder in place.

Step seven: Placing the slat rolls

With the ladder in place, you're ready to place slat rolls on the side rails' wooden cleats. You will need to do this for each slat individually on both bunks. Make sure there are no gaps at the ends of the bed. Secure the slats to the included wooden cleats using the included screws.

Step eight: Plugging the holes

Now that all the slats are secured, you then need to plug the bolt holes. You can cover all the bolts on both bunks by inserting wooden plugs. Once that's done, insert the safety plugs into the guard rails' and safety rails' threaded inserts.

After following the steps outlined above, your new bunk bed should be ready to go. Now that you know how easy the assembly process is, you have nothing to fear from purchasing bunk beds.

If you're looking to purchase a wooden bunk bed in the near future, check out our range today. You can contact us with any questions you have, and we will give you whatever advice you need.

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