Small bunk beds are a great option for kids’ rooms, as they provide a space-saving solution while also providing a fun space to sleep. There are loads of benefits associated with small bunk beds (2ft 6 size), so it’s well worth factoring in these advantages if you’re considering this type of bed. To help you make your decision, this article will go over some of the benefits of small bunk beds (2ft 6 size).

Space-Saving Design

One of the biggest benefits of small bunk beds is the space-saving design. Bunk beds are designed to take up much less space than two individual beds, which is especially advantageous in a small bedroom. By stacking beds vertically, you’ll be able to free up a significant chunk of floor space which can be used for other purposes, like a desk or sofa.

These bunk beds are even smaller than the standard 3ft beds, making them perfect for rooms with limited space. The compact design of the bunk beds allows for more room to move around, as well as more space for storage and play. So if you’re dealing with limited space but require a couple of beds, opting for a 2ft 6 bunk bed is one of the most efficient setups to go with.

The Fun Factor

Bunk beds add an element of fun to sleeping for kids, which makes them an excellent choice over standard beds. Kids can really make their own fun with a bunk bed and the extra height for the top bunk feels adventurous to children. You can even drape some blankets over the bottom bunk to create a cosy nook. The ladders or stairs are a novel experience for little ones, too, so choosing a bunk bed can prove to be a great way to spark your child’s imagination.

Safety Features

Small bunk beds are also a great option because they come with safety features that larger beds may not have. Many bunk beds come with guardrails to help prevent falls, as well as ladders that are designed to be easy and safe for kids to climb up and down. These bunk beds are also designed with a low height, making them safer for younger kids who may not be able to climb up higher beds.


Small bunk beds are very versatile, as they can be separated into two separate beds when needed. This is especially helpful for growing kids, as the beds can be used for one child when they are younger and then separated into two beds when they are older. The beds can also be used as two separate beds in different rooms, which is a great way to save space and money in a small home.

Bunk Beds Incorporate Different Aesthetics

Smaller bunk beds come in a wide range of styles and aesthetics, which gives you a lot of freedom to bring in new colours and styles to the bedroom. Whether you’re thinking of a hot pink bunk bed or a sleek metal frame, you can use bunk beds to inject some new decor into the space.

Blue Wooden Bunk Bed

Product: Wooden Bunk Bed (Finished in UM Blue)

Small bunk beds work really well when you pair the frame or bedding with the overall colour scheme of the room. Colour is an important concept when it comes to bedroom design, as different colours have been shown to impact moods. So if you’re wanting to create a calming atmosphere, opt for a green colour scheme.

Added Privacy

If you’re creating a bedroom that’s going to be shared by two or more children, then bunk beds are a great way to add some extra privacy. Each child will have their own bed, which acts as a personal sanctuary for them. It also creates a bit more space for activities like playing in the bedroom, which can be difficult if there are multiple children sharing the room.

More than that, though, bunk beds can be set up to give kids their own blank canvas to add their own personality into the room. Whether that’s including neat accessories and posters to their area of the wall or giving them bedding that suits their personality, bunk beds are an opportunity to give kids something that’s uniquely their own.

Ideal for Sleepovers

If you’re wanting to host your children’s friends for a sleepover, then a small-sized bunk bed is the perfect way to give the kids their own space to sleep and play. The extra beds that a bunk bed offers mean that guests can enjoy a full night’s sleep without worrying about using a sleeping bag on the floor or an air mattress.


Another great benefit of small bunk beds is their affordability. These bunk beds are usually much more affordable than the larger 3ft beds, making them a great option for budget-conscious parents. The smaller size also makes them easier to move around, so parents can save money on delivery costs as well.

Pink Metal Bunk bed

Product: Metal Bunk Bed (Finished in Pink)


The smaller size of these bunk beds also makes them very durable and long-lasting. The smaller size makes it easier to find parts and accessories that are compatible with the beds, and they are also less likely to be damaged during moving or storage. This makes them a great long-term investment for parents who want to save money on furniture.


Small bunk beds are a great option for kids’ rooms, as they provide a space-saving solution while also providing a fun and safe place to sleep. The compact design of the bunk beds allows for more room to move around and for storage, as well as safety features that larger beds may not have. The beds are also very versatile and affordable, making them a great long-term investment for parents.

If you’re interested in getting a small bunk bed for your next bedroom revamp, take a look at the latest bunk beds at the Endurance Beds store, or contact our team for further details.

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