Black iron beds are a popular and affordable choice for homeowners who need a new bedframe, but their standard appearance can turn off some buyers.

However, just because these pieces of furniture are not quite as fancy as others on the market, it does not mean that they are any less pretty. Due to their plain solid shade and simplicity, these make incredible items to decorate, meaning you can add a personal touch to your décor by investing in one of them. In this article, we will share the best black iron bed decorating ideas...

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Examples of black iron bed decorating ideas

1. Use bright colours

One way to spruce up your bed is to contrast its black frame with bright colours. Primary and secondary shades of red, blue, green and purple, alongside patterned covers and cushions, all work well to add appealing hues to your room and liven up any blandness it otherwise was causing.

You can even create your own stitchwork on by following some simple patterns online, which can bring plenty of added vibrancy to an otherwise plain-looking bedframe.

2. Add a headboard

If you are not a fan of the iron headboard that comes built into the bedframe, why not buy one to put over the top of it? Our headboard range is broad and has plenty of variants, so you can be sure to find one that suits your room, and your preference of colour and texture. The Bellflower headboard, for example, is a soft, romantic red, whereas the Lupin headboard is a regal blue which can help you feel calm and at ease.

3. Repaint it

If you like to change the colour scheme of your room frequently, you may paint the frame of your bed. You can use anything ranging from pink, yellow or blue metal paint to redesign its look, creating an enticing style which matches with the rest of your décor in the room. Use an oil-based paint for best results and thick, consistent brush strokes that cover the whole surface area equally. Take care when smoothing out any lumps or imperfections.

Having the same bright colour appearing on many of your different items is great for achieving a well-thought-out furnishing style in your bedroom. All pieces will look harmonious together and help when creating a specific theming.

You can read more about how to paint your iron bedframe here.

4. Garnish it with accessories

If you do not want to undergo the lengthier, messier process of painting the frame, you can still use techniques that enable your bed to look beautiful. Decorating the metalwork by attaching items and trinkets to the foot and top of the frame is a great idea. Try using ornaments on string, clips or pegs, which can be fitted with ease onto the bars. Applying these will do wonders, adding a personal touch exclusive to your furniture.

For a smidge of added light, you can look at stringing up some fairy lights, weaving them around the gaps in the frame. This can create a warm, magical feel to your bed which makes it all the more appealing to sleep, and dim the lights when you are reading your favourite book or watching a film with friends.

5. Cover the foot and top of the bed with a cloth

If you have a particular dislike for the metallic effect your bedframe has, you can buy some cloths to drape over the foot and top of the frame. These will cover up any of the frame and dress them up so you cannot see any of the exposed metal.

Using a tapestry can be a suitable option for this, as they are often very colourful, come in plenty of designs that you can choose from, and make a nice addition to anyone’s bedroom.

You can even purchase specially fitted headboard and bedframe material which is designed to be put over black iron beds, so you will not have to deal with the cloths you buy either not fitting or slipping off during the night.

Black Metal Bed Frame

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6. Accompany it with other iron furniture

A problem can arise if you like the appearance of your black iron bed but find that it is an anomaly amongst your other pieces of furniture. Whilst it is unusual for one of these bedframes to stand out significantly in any room due to their versatility, you can still encounter this issue if you have an absence of black or iron furniture in your room.

If you want to help your black iron bedframe “fit in” with the décor, you can buy some more iron-based or black furniture to complement it. Even just having a set of black picture frames on your wall can appear deliberate, but for the best effect, we recommend you buy some more black iron furniture such as a chest of drawers or a wardrobe which utilises metal legs. Implementing these will be enough to tie together your furniture in a natural, stylish way, even if it does mean you have to throw out some of your older pieces that have served their purpose.

7. Make sure to choose a black iron bed with an interesting design

Sometimes, no matter how much you decorate, there is no way of making a bedframe look how you want it to. If you have not bought a frame which leaves large enough gaps for string lights to be tied through or one with too low of a headrest to attach a board to, you will be restricting yourself to minimal ideas you can carry out when decorating your black iron bedframe.

Before you buy any decorations, you want to make sure the design of your bedframe is exactly as you want it. There are many interesting UK-made designs to choose from here on our website, so just visit Endurance Beds to find yours today or enquire about more black iron bed decorating ideas.

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