The ability to get a good night's sleep shouldn't have to feel like a chore. However, for some people, that feeling of perpetual tiredness is all too familiar. This can happen for all sorts of different reasons: health issues, stress, a old mattress that needs replacing, the need for a new bed frame if you're currently sleeping on broken slats. However, there's another major factor that can contribute to a poor night's sleep: your weight. Here are some things that are worth bearing in mind when looking for the best bed frame for heavy person UK based.

Heavier individuals may find it challenging to not only find a mattress that is comfortable and supportive enough for their needs but also to find a bed frame that offers the right level of support. If you struggle to get comfortable at night time, you feel like your bed doesn't provide enough support or you're noticing your bed frame creaking and squeaking at night time, you're not alone. Many people struggle to find a bed frame that gives them a great night's sleep, and this can be even more of a challenge if you're considered to be overweight or are more solidly built. Luckily, we're here to help.

Choose the material wisely

When it comes to buying bed frames for heavier individuals, the choice of material is important. Regular wooden frames and divan beds with box springs may be a great choice for some, but you may find that they don't offer the sturdiness or the level of support that you need.

Instead, consider more robust materials, like hardwood or solid metal - like steel - which are designed to be more durable and more supportive. Or, if you want something that's truly tailored to your needs, go for a custom bed frame instead. That way, you can be truly sure that you're choosing the right bed frame for you.

Double check trial and guarantee periods

Buying a bed frame can be a tricky decision. It's something you'll most likely be using for years, so you'll want to be completely sure that the frame you choose is going to serve you well for that long.

At Endurance Beds, we offer returns/refunds on our bed frames in certain situations (excluding bespoke beds). What's more, our wooden, wrought iron and upholstered bed bases all come with a guarantee of at least 12 years - plus a 5-year guarantee on our mattresses and 3 years for our headboards - giving you complete peace of mind.

Madison Metal Bed

Product: Madison Metal Bed in Ivory

Look for additional support

When you buy a non-divan bed, you'll generally find that they have anywhere between four and seven legs, depending on their style and their design. If you're looking for something to support a little greater weight, though, why not go for a bed frame with a higher number of legs?

You'll find all sorts of different bed frames with as many as seven to nine legs, which can give you more rigid support and make it more likely that your bed will remain in great condition for the years to come.

If you want even more support still, remember that you can design your own custom bed frame, with exactly the level of reinforcement that you need, in the places where you want it. Our solid, UK-made bed frames are perfect in situations like this: not only can you choose your materials and the level of reinforcement and support that you need, you can also pick a design that suits both your taste and the overall style of your bedroom. What's more, by choosing a custom bed frame, you'll be buying a frame that you know will work well with a sturdy, supportive mattress, giving you the best possible chance of a great night's sleep.

Choose a bed with the right weight capacity

One reason why your existing bed frame may not last as long as you thought it would is because it doesn't have the right weight capacity for your needs. Good bed brands will detail the maximum weight capacity of their bed frames on their websites or on the product literature, having gone through rigorous testing to make sure that they perform as they state they can.

Take a look at the maximum weight capacity listed for the bed frame you're looking to buy - and don't forget to double-check if this capacity includes or excludes the mattress. By adding your mattress on top - especially if you've gone for a super thick, luxurious mattress - you might be exceeding the maximum capacity for the bed frame without even realising.

Remember, too, that this will be the total rather than per person capacity. If you share your bed with a partner or have a child or pet that regularly sneaks in to join you, their weight will have to be accounted for when working out the right maximum capacity for your needs.

Is a bespoke option the best bed frame for heavy person UK based?

Can't find anything that suits? Then a bespoke, made to measure bed frame - and maybe even a custom mattress - might be the best solution for you. At Endurance Beds, we always do our best to accommodate any bespoke orders, whether you're looking for additional support or reinforcement for one of the bed frames listed on our website, or want an off-the-shelf bed frame in a different colour or material to match your bedroom design.

Our bed frames and mattresses are available both to the public, as well as to trade buyers. If you're looking for the best bed frame for heavy person UK residents can rely on and would like some advice or to discuss your unique requirements, get in touch.

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