If you've decided that it's time to buy a new mattress, there are plenty of decisions you'll have to make. The level of firmness, the price point, any additional features (like memory foam layers or anti-allergy properties), the thickness, the size - all of these factors will impact your final decision.

However, there's one more factor that many people forget about, and that's choosing a mattress that is right for the type of bed frame you own. If you're wondering what type of mattress is best for a slatted bed, read on for some answers...

Why does your bed frame matter when choosing a mattress?

Ottoman, divan, slatted... there are many types of bed frame out there, each with different ways of supporting your mattress. Any mattress you choose will promise a certain level of comfort and support, but this promise will be based on the mattress being used in the way it is intended.

For some mattresses, that will mean they won't perform at their best if you use them on the wrong bed frame. For others, you may find that you actually void your warranty if you are using them in the wrong way. For this reason, it's vital that you research what type of mattress is best for a slatted bed before you buy.

All about slatted bed frames

While box spring - or divan - bed frames use foundations filled with springs, much like sprung mattresses, slatted bed frames work differently. Instead, the bed frame features a number of slats, which are generally made of wood (but other materials can be used) that lay across the frame to support the mattress.

The idea is that these slats are evenly distributed to support the weight of the mattress on top. Both wooden and metal beds can feature slatted bases, and there are many benefits to choosing a slatted bed frame.

You will often find that slatted bed frames cost less than divan bases, as they use fewer materials. They are lightweight and tend to be easier to move around if needed, as the bed can be taken apart and moved more easily than a divan. What's more, should something go wrong, it is less likely that you will need to buy an entirely new bed frame. If a single slat warps or breaks, it can be replaced; unlike divan mattresses, where the whole thing will need to be replaced.

Slatted beds also promote better airflow around your mattress than divan bases, which may appeal to those who suffer from allergies.

Be sure, however, to choose a high-quality slatted bed frame to reduce the risk of slats warping or breaking. You will also want to make sure that the slats of your bed frame are not positioned too far apart, as this will reduce the amount of support that your mattress has, and could increase the risk of slats breaking.

At Endurance Beds, our 28mm by 120mm solid pine wood slats are made in the UK and are designed to last, and with a 12-year guarantee on all of our beds, you can rest assured that you're getting great quality.

Wroxham Slatted Bed Base

Product: Wroxham Platform Bed (in black)

What type of mattress is best for a slatted bed?

Providing you have a well-made, sturdy slatted bed frame with slats that are not spaced too far apart, it's a great foundation for whatever mattress you wish to choose, whether it's off the shelf or bespoke.

Softer mattresses, like those made from memory foam, need a good, sturdy base on which to rest, as they are among the least rigid mattress types. For this reason, we would recommend only choosing memory foam if your bed slats are no more than three to four inches apart. Any further apart and you may find that your bed doesn't support the mattress and that the mattress sinks through the slats, making it less comfortable.

Latex mattresses, although a type of foam, are more rigid than memory foam. While they also need plenty of stability, they can cope with slats that are slightly further apart than memory foam.

Some will prefer to buy a sprung mattress, and the good news is that these also work well with slatted bed bases, no matter whether you choose a one-sided or two-sided mattress. Alternatively, if you're looking to purchase a hybrid mattress, then again, provided your slats aren't too far apart, it should be perfect.

Whichever mattress you pick, there are certain things that you should bear in mind. Of course, the distance between the slats is one thing. However, you will also want to consider the weight of the mattress that you choose. The heavier your mattress is, the greater the amount of support it will need to perform properly, meaning that you'll want to ensure that your slats are well crafted and that there are enough of them.

The size of your bed frame will also have an impact here. Generally, the wider the bed frame, the lower the amount of support your mattress will have. If you have a king-size or super king bed frame, it's even more important to ensure that the slats are sturdy enough and spaced correctly, as mattresses of this size will inevitably be heavier and require a greater level of support. At Endurance Beds, we can make sure that any slatted bed frame you choose has ample support, no matter which mattress you intend to use.

To find out more about our mattress options, take a look at our bespoke mattress selection. If you need advice on buying the best slatted bed for your mattress, or the perfect mattress to suit an existing slatted bed frame, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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