Mattress Information

Here at Endurance Beds we take pride in making sure our customers purchase the perfect mattress for them.

We have created a Firmness rating for each individual mattress.

Medium - For a softer feel without losing that much needed support.

Firm - For a firm feel, this is the most popular mattress choice.

Extra Firm - This choice is for individuals that require an orthopaedic mattress that require a very firm sleeping surface.


Our Open coil sprung mattresses contains springs that are interlinked, the springs offer ultimate support and durability.

Our open coil mattresses should be turned every 3 months to optimise the mattress life, although mattresses containing memory foam are non turn.


Our Pocket sprung mattresses contain individual pocketed springs, the main advantage is that the mattress offers a 'no roll' effect where the springs support the individual person and give way to certain pressure points in the body.

We only use luxurious fillings on our pocket ranges, these fillings are tightly packed together creating a supportive but ultimately comfortable top layer.

Hand side stitching is another attribute to our pocket sprung ranges, this is where we stitch each spring right to the edge of the mattress, this creates an ultimately firm border.

Our Pocket sprung mattress should be turned every 3 months to optimise mattress life, although mattress containing memory foam are non turn.


Our memory foam is designed to mould around the body, giving the individual ultimate comfort. This foam is 'weight sensitive' so will conform to each individuals body weight. It offers ultimate pressure relief.

Memory foam can be incorporated with the above spring systems.

These mattresses are non turn.

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