Quality is one of the most important characteristics when you are in the process of choosing a new bed. When buying a bed, the frame must meet certain criteria, such as durability, strength and an attractive appearance. Beds should be both functional and fit in well with the decor of your bedroom. If you are currently looking for the best handmade beds, we will explore your array of options in this guide.


1. Evelyn Wrought Iron Bed

The Evelyn is a stunning wrought iron bed that is available in a choice of more than 1000 colours. Constructed out of extra strong steel and powder coated, it provides extreme strength and durability. It is extremely versatile too, thanks to its availability in sizes from single to super king.

2. End Lift Ottoman Base

The End Lift Ottoman Base is an innovative bed that provides extra storage in any home. It is made out of strong MDF and can be tailored to your individual requirements in a range of colours, including some of the most popular home decor colours like plum, blue and teal. This makes it excellent for harmonising with any bedroom. You even have bespoke options for your headboard choices too, which allows you to tailor it to your preferences. What's more, you can rest assured that your mattress will not slip or slide as the surface of the bed is anti-slip.

3. Wroxham Metal Platform Bed

The Wroxham Metal Platform Bed is an affordable and simple bed that is beautiful in its simplicity. For the base, you can select between Solid Wooden Slats or Premium Welded Mesh and it offers the choice of optional headboard brackets too. Its construction from extra strong steel gives it double the strength of standard beds, making it ideally suited to heavy-duty usage. With a 12 year guarantee, you can have peace of mind that this bed is long-lasting and durable, so it is great for kids' and adults' bedrooms alike. There is also room for under-bed storage, ensuring that you can maximise the available space in your bedroom and keep everything stored neatly out of the way.

Small Double Black Metal Bed Frame

Product: Memphis Wrought Iron Bed

4. Alderford Fabric Bed

The Alderford Fabric Bed is a stylish and chic bed that comes in an array of extremely eye-catching finishes, such as fleece-type fabrics, micro-suede or leather-look finishes. For anyone who is looking for an opulent and stunning yet also cosy and luxurious bed to add to their bedroom, this could be the ideal handmade bed for you. The base is made from solid wooden slats and the feet can be either Nickel Castors or Low Dark Wood, Light Wood or Chrome.

5. Electric Ottoman Base

The Electric Ottoman Base is perfect for anyone looking for a bed that also provides extra internal storage with a high-tech twist. This stunning bed makes it effortless to access anything that you put inside the bed, making it especially good for anybody with mobility issues. With sizes to choose from between small single beds and super king beds, there is an array of choice when it comes to this ottoman base. You can choose from a vast colour selection too, so you can ensure that your new bed goes perfectly in your bedroom. As a bonus, you can also upgrade your mattress to make this is bespoke sleep solution that is perfect for everyone.

6. Memphis Wrought Iron Bed

The Memphis Wrought Iron Bed is the perfect option for anyone who wants a traditional look with all the advantages of modern construction. It is available in a variety of colours, giving you the option to personalise this stunningly unique frame. Additionally, you have access to choices from a range of sizes, so it can meet all your individual needs and requirements. With stunning, timeless beauty, this is a top of the range bed that delivers on quality, durability and strength. If you have high standards for your bedroom furniture, this is sure to surpass them on every level.

7. Cantley Fabric Bed

The Cantley Fabric Bed really does offer a combination of luxury and functionality. As with some other fabric beds, it comes in a range of sumptuous finishes that are ideal for matching with the decor in your bedroom. You can choose between a range of various bespoke styles for the feet too, so your perfect sleep solution can be created with this bed. It is an amazing addition to any bedroom that will give you the flexibility to tailor it to your needs.

How to select from the best handmade beds

When you are making the choice as to the bed that you want for your bedroom, consider your requirements. Make a list of the different needs that you have, including the size, the style and the colour options you require. It's also important to decide whether you need extra storage via an ottoman base or whether you prefer under-bed storage. The vast range of choices that you can find in our range at Endurance Beds will ensure that there is a bespoke option that is ideal for you, whatever you are looking for.

Ultimately, the bed that you choose will depend on your individual requirements, your preferences and which bed perfectly harmonises with the aesthetics of your home. You will not have to compromise on any area, as we cater to all needs. The truth is, whichever of these handmade beds you choose, you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

To browse our extensive range of UK-made solid bed frames with a 12-year guarantee, please visit us at Endurance Beds.

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