Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom is a big decision. What you choose will impact your room's overall appearance, style, and comfort. Ottoman beds are popular, and with good reason. If you are considering investing in one, this article provides details that answer the question, “Are ottoman beds the best bedroom furniture?”

What is an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is one whose base lifts to reveal plenty of storage space underneath. These beds are usually upholstered, adding to their comfort and design. An ottoman bed allows you to stow away items you don’t frequently use, such as heavy winter season duvets, which would otherwise clutter the bedroom or take up too much closet space.

Types of ottoman beds

There are different ottoman beds. The most common one is quite similar to a divan bed, except for the storage space access design. While a divan bed has drawers on the side, an ottoman bed’s base lifts on a hinge to reveal the storage space.

The opening mechanism of ottoman beds also differs. Some open from the side while others open from the foot side, with the hinges on the headboard side. You may also come across some that open halfway, with the storage area occupying the lower half of the base.

Additionally, there are wooden ottoman beds. While the upholstered variety is common, this type lacking the padding exists for those who prefer the natural look of varnished timber.

Lastly, the hinge mechanism introduces another variation in the design. Most ottoman beds require you to lift the base manually, but some have automatically lifting bases whose hinges are electricity or gas-powered. The ease of operating such bedroom furniture is ideal for anyone with back issues, such as older people.

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What are the benefits of ottoman beds?


Other beds are comfortable, but something reassuring about an ottoman bed adds to that comfort feeling. Some people believe that having storage space underneath makes the sleeping surface uneven, but this is not the case. The storage compartment doesn’t interfere with the mattress supporting base, leaving you comfortable throughout the night. The upholstering adds to the comfort, offering well-padded surfaces that are soft to the touch.

Storage space

Another key selling point for this bedroom furniture is the large storage space. Ottoman beds have more storage space than any other bed. While divan beds may have drawers, the drawer design eats into the available space. Ottoman beds have a large open space, usually similar to or double that of your mattress, allowing you to store plenty of items. You can have your pillows, winter duvets, and clothes you don’t frequently use, among other things, in there. You can even get one with storage compartments for better organisation and still have more room than a divan bed despite the partitioning.


Ottoman beds are affordable, considering what you get for the cost; a bed and storage space. A wardrobe with a similar capacity will cost you close to the ottoman bed’s price, making this investment worthy. Besides the affordable storage space, you’ll have more room in your bedroom for other furniture or proper aeration if you prefer a sparsely furnished space.


Combining a bed and storage space neatly brings out the versatility of this bed. Investing in a bespoke ottoman bed with an ottoman storage bench further adds versatility.


Ease of maintenance

The sturdy construction and nature of ottoman beds make them easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about your ottoman bed falling apart due to the weight on top, since the base is strong enough, and the stored items add to its sturdiness. In addition, the platform base design leaves no room for creaks, with the upholstering adding shock absorption to the structure. You only need to keep the bed clean to enjoy using it for years.

Easy storage access

This benefit is specific to the automatic lift ottoman beds. You only need to pull a lever or switch in an electric option for the bed base to lift and give access to the storage compartment. This is convenient when you need to grab something quickly or if your condition forbids straining.

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What about the bespoke option?

A bespoke ottoman bed affords you all the benefits of this bedroom furniture while adding personalisation and efficiency to the equation. Here are more reasons to order a bespoke ottoman bed:

Meets your specific needs

Bespoke means personalisation, where the bed’s design will consider your specific needs and preferences. For example, the bed height and overall size will suit you well since the design has you in mind, unlike conventional designs. Personalisation extends to the choice of upholstering, where you pick specific materials and finishes to complement your particular style and bedroom design theme. Furthermore, depending on your physical condition, you decide whether you need a manual or automatic lift mechanism for your bed.

Greater value for money

Everything that goes into a bespoke ottoman bed serves a specific purpose, making the overall cost worth it. There are no excesses or shortcomings, with the bed catering to your every bedroom furniture need. This frees up more budget to finish furnishing your dream bedroom, such as buying a new wardrobe or chest of drawers.

Fits the available space

As part of the ottoman bed design, your chosen manufacturer will use your bedroom’s measurements and size preferences to settle on a bed that’ll occupy that space well. Bespoke beds are also the perfect choice for unconventional bedroom designs. Most standard beds will feel out of place if your house is irregularly shaped. Therefore, you’ll need a bespoke bed that’ll fit well in that space.

Better for your health

A bespoke bed manufacturer considers your health condition in the design process. They’ll include the right mattress and an automatic lift mechanism if you suffer back pain. If you lack proper mobility, they’ll make the bed height easily accessible. Such considerations are not available in standard bed designs.


Ottoman beds are among the best bedroom furniture investments you can make. From their versatility to their comfort and style, you’ll find little to complain about this bed. Invest in a bespoke ottoman bed that’ll perfectly fit your needs while making your bedroom look amazing. Get in touch today, and let us design the bed worthy of carrying your dreams.

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