Wood is a natural material that can last for hundreds of years, hence its popularity for constructing bedroom furniture. Proper care and maintenance, alongside selecting the best type of wood, ensure your wooden bed frame lasts for the long term. This article explores the popularity of wooden bed frames, reveals where to buy the best ones and answers the question, “how long does a wooden bed frame last?”

Why are wooden beds so popular?

We have the Egyptians to thank for the invention of the raised bed, sometime between 3000 B.C. and 1000 B.C. The most common ones were wooden, with gold-coated and metallic ones reserved for the wealthy. While their motivation was to prevent the sleeper from getting cold or being attacked by deadly creeping animals, this invention significantly changed how people slept. Wooden bed frames were easier to manipulate, with generations of carpenters perfecting the art, which explains why wooden bed frames are arguably the best choice. Let us look at some benefits of investing in a wooden bed frame:

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Wooden bed frames can be constructed using thick pieces of wood to withstand heavy weights. Therefore, most couples prefer them over metal bed frames. In most cases, a wooden double bunk bed in your kid’s room will last longer than their childhood. Rarely do you hear of wooden bed frames breaking down, something that’s common with other types of frames.


You can rest assured your wooden bed frame won’t let you down once the timber has been properly treated and expertly put together. Wood doesn’t rust or bend, and neither does it crack. You’d have to damage a quality wooden bed frame forcefully. Furthermore, wooden bed frames take paint well, presenting plenty of opportunities to beautify them exactly as you desire.


Wooden bed frames, especially those made of hardwood, can carry heavy weights without creaking or falling apart. They form a stable base which won't be damaged by a heavy mattress or a heavy person.

Minimal maintenance

The combination of reliability, stability, and durability makes wooden bed frames easy to maintain. As long as it’s made of hardwood and you use it responsibly, you’ll only need to dust it as you clean other bedroom furniture. With a coat of paint and varnish, the bed will remain waterproof, adding to its ease of maintenance.


You have a wide choice of styles in wooden bed frames, including bunk beds, poster beds, platform beds, etc., to match your bedroom’s theme or styling tendencies. Therefore, achieving a unique look in each bedroom in your house becomes simple.

Natural beauty

One of the primary attractions of wooden bed frames is their exquisite shades and graining patterns. A cross-section of wood is a work of art, needing only termite treatment and a clear varnish coat to preserve its unique look.

Types of wooden bed frames

The key differentiator among wooden bed frames is the type of wood used in construction. Generally, hardwood choices make the strongest, most reliable and aesthetically pleasing bed frames.


With its dark hue and elegant look, mahogany is an excellent choice, popular among high-end bed frame choices. While it may be expensive, mahogany bed frames are among the most durable options you can buy.


Oak presents more choices due to its versatile hues and exquisite graining. This durable and beautiful hardwood is also easy to stain, allowing you to match your décor perfectly, thus attaining a personalised look in the bedroom.


Another durable and beautiful hardwood, walnut, has a rustic look that matches similar bedroom décor choices well.


Teak has a golden brown colour and straight graining, making it an excellent choice for furniture, especially in the bedroom. This hardwood lasts for decades, even with minimal care.


Don’t be alarmed that a softwood made it to this list. Pine has the strength of hardwood with the malleability and versatility of softwood. This wood is known for outlasting some hardwood types while looking amazing and makes for some of the most affordable high-quality bed frames.

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How long does a wooden bed frame last?

While different sources quote varying periods, expect your hardwood bed frame to last at least a decade with its structural integrity intact. With proper care and maintenance, a wooden bed frame can last for much longer, necessitating replacement after close to two decades of use.

Wooden bed frame care and maintenance tips

Wooden bed frames have minimal maintenance needs. However, the following tips can help you preserve their quality for the long term:

  • Establish a regular cleaning schedule for the bed frame alongside other bedroom furniture.
  • Use wooden-friendly cleaning detergents, mops, and brushes. Additionally, ensure you leave the bed dry after cleaning and avoid drenching the bed frame with water while cleaning.
  • Ensure you position the bed on a flat surface. An uneven surface with weight on the bed will easily damage the bed frame.
  • Keep the bed away from direct sunlight. As much as the wood is dry, excessive heat and harmful UV rays can speed up wear and tear.
  • Use the bed responsibly by avoiding jumping or placing too much weight on it. This also applies to other bedroom furniture.


    The question of how long does a wooden bed frame last comes down to how well you take care of it. Under normal circumstances, a wooden bed frame will outlast your need for it. Therefore, apply the tips in this article to keep your bed useful for as long as needed. Of course, you’ll need to buy the right bed, to begin with. Contact us for the best bed frames around. You can even order a bespoke one to match your specific needs and design aspirations.

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