Can a memory foam mattress help your back pain?

Waking up with back pain is usually not the perfect morning that you can look forward to. At this moment, you might want to replace your regular mattress with a memory foam one. Can a memory form mattress help your back pain and improve your sleeping posture? The answer is yes; it just might! But is a memory foam mattress the answer? And how do you know your regular mattress is the enemy? Let us dive in to know more.

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic material, made for NASA astronauts in the 1960s to cushion them during lift-off. The material can mould itself based on the user's body heat, reducing pressure. Memory foam mattresses can address issues with back pain, but before you invest in them, there are three things you should consider;

• Mattress experiences are subjective. What works for you doesn’t mean it works for someone else and vice versa, so keep that in mind when looking for answers concerning your sleeping problems.

• Many other factors can cause back pain, so don't rush to invest in a mattress the moment you wake up with back pain. Some factors that can cause back pain include poor posture (sitting for long hours), Arthritis, sprains and strains, Injuries (from sports), Unhealthy spine curvatures (such as kyphosis, lordosis), ruptured discs etc. You can consult your doctor first to rule out these potential issues to be safe.

• Your pillow might be the problem. Your mattress might not be the issue because your pillow can cause back pain too. A too-hard pillow can make your neck and the top part of your spine elevate, causing back pains. A too-soft pillow can tilt your head and strain the cervical part of your spine. Ensure that you have invested in an excellent pillow to keep your back neutral and pain-free throughout the night.

How do I know I have invested in the right memory foam mattress?

It's essential to do your research when purchasing a memory foam mattress to ensure maximum comfort from your choice. Some factors you can consider include;

Your bed frame size

Ensure that your choice of mattress fits your bed frame. Any inconsistencies can lead to discomfort during sleep. You can go for a customizable bed and a bespoke mattress to get the best choice for comfort.

Foam type

Memory foam mattresses are made from different materials. This can include gel foam, plant-based or traditional foams.

Traditional foams are the most common and have been around for quite some time. They are consistently good at alleviating sleep comfort and eliminating sleeping problems, including back pain.

Plant-based memory foams give the user a natural feel. They are perfect for environment-friendly users who are happy to incorporate natural elements in their bedrooms.

Gel foams are perfect for sleeping problems due to heat retention because they offer a cooler material for sleep. They are usually combined with traditional types, and many users prefer this added aspect to their sleep.

Your sleep position.

Some memory foam mattresses are best for side sleepers, and others are best for back sleepers. It would be best to try out various types based on your sleeping position to understand better what suits you best.

Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Product: Reflections Ultimate Comfort Mattress

Possible reasons why your memory foam mattress can cause back pain (and possible solutions)

Like we said earlier. A memory foam mattress might help you sleep better and help with your back pain. However, they can cause back pain in some instances, and we cannot ignore that. Therefore, let us look at some of the possible reasons a memory foam mattress can cause back pain and how you can avoid such occurrences.

It’s too fluid for you

The best memory foam mattress that makes you feel like you are floating in the clouds might still wake you up with back pain if it’s too soft. An overly soft mattress can’t support your back in a neutral position. Instead, your heavier body parts will sink deeper, creating an unhealthy curve on your back which can cause pain. You can avoid this by getting a high-density memory foam mattress or a customized wooden bed with fitted plywood beneath to make it firmer.

It’s too stiff

If your mattress is too stiff, it will fail to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. Sleeping on your stomach can help ease up the discomfort, but it's not the healthiest position on its own. A mattress that's too stiff would crash your heavier body parts on the surface instead of hugging them, leading to misalignment. To make our mattress softer, you can add plush foam, soft latex, wool or get a bespoke memory foam mattress that is customized based on your needs.

It’s still new

You can wake up with back pain on a foam mattress you are not used to. Most foam mattresses require a break-in period so that the material can soften and adapt to your body shape delivering a balanced cushioning and support. You can give it some time to let it loosen up and adapt to your body.

It’s too old

Memory foam mattresses can lose their supportive properties, sag or get lumpy. An old mattress can’t be comfortable no matter the type. In such conditions, a mattress can't support the much-needed comfort for your body leading to awkward, unhealthy sleeping posture and back pain. Don’t wait for the mattress to get too old. Always remember that a brand-new mattress is suitable for your back pain and your general well-being emotionally and psychologically.

It’s sitting on an incorrect base

A memory foam mattress cannot provide the much-needed support if the base slats are too far apart. The mattress will end up pushing through the gaps between the slats leading to discomfort and spine misalignment when you sleep. If the distance between the slats is more than 3 inches, it is possible that it won't support your mattress. It is advisable to invest in a new one or a bespoke bed customized for you.

It's cheap

Cheap mattresses are usually made with low-density foam that can't offer much comfort over a long period. They also develop sags and lumps faster than the expensive ones. A good memory foam mattress is worth your money, lasts long and will have you sleeping like a baby after a long day's work.

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With all that in mind, can a memory foam mattress help your back pain? Yes, it can when you choose the ideal memory foam mattress for you. At Endurance Beds, we have a wide range of bespoke mattresses that can be tailored to suit the level of firmness you need and the depth, width, and length that they require. We also specialize in solid bed frames that provide a suitable foundation for the mattress of your choice. If you are searching for a brand-new memory foam mattress or bed frame to relieve your back pain, contact us to find out how to help.

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