So, what is a bespoke bed, and why should you be concerned?

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes. We all have our own individual habits and practices too. This means that buying a bed ‘off the shelf’ is not always easy. Worse still, a bed that’s perfect for your partner’s dimensions and sleep patterns can prove uncomfortable and inadequate for you. This can make purchasing a made-to-order bed the ideal solution. To help you, we have put together the ultimate guide to bespoke beds, with some valuable insights on what to ask for.

What is a bespoke bed? Here are a few definitions

When you think of made to order beds, your mind may go to racing cars and princess carriages for children! The fact is, at any age you should be able to choose both the bed frame and mattress that suits you. Including having options to deviate from the traditional dimensions of standard beds. With a bespoke bed, you can adjust the size of the frame and mattress to go bigger or smaller on any measurement. Including creating a bed that’s easier to climb into as it’s lower or one that’s raised further up than traditional beds.

bespoke low wooden bed

Product: Shouldham Pine Wooden Bed (Low) in Antique Wax

Of course, sometimes, it’s all about aesthetics! If you have fruitlessly searched online and in stores for the perfect bed to match your bedroom, you may be considering commissioning a bespoke bed. Your tailormade bed could be finished off to match your bedroom interior design perfectly. Whether that’s a wrought-iron four-poster bed for a sumptuous boudoir or a simplified, bold wooden frame and quality mattress for a very modern bedroom. Perhaps you want an iron and wood combination, or an unusual colour blend in your dream bed, and you’re looking for a company that can accommodate customer preferences and ideas for beds.

Norfolk Wrought Iron Bed in Blue

Product: Norfolk Wrought Iron Bed (High) in Night Blue

Buying a bespoke bed to match a room is not always about what your purchase looks like though. You may also what to find a bed to fit an unusual or challenging space. Perhaps you have a low ceiling or a curving wall, that make standard bed sizes a poor fit. You may even need a bespoke bed that slots easily into a barn conversion, motor home, canal boat or yurt, for example. However, when tracking down a made to order bed specialist, it’s often inspired by the desire to create a bed that fits perfectly with your particular body shape and sleep needs.

The possibilities of a made to order bed

If you find a company that makes bespoke beds, what sort of things do you need to consider?

Keep in mind that even the most responsive and flexible manufacturer of tailormade beds can’t defy the laws of science. The team at Endurance Beds will be honest in managing your expectations if your aims will result in something impractical or downright impossible. Some people find the best way to commission a bespoke bed is to draw together not just a size spec, but also fabric swatches, ideas for the bed base and even their own design sketches. While other people work with a bed designer to find the best solution to meet a fundamental need, with no preconceived ideas. For example, they may simply ask the team to plan a bespoke bed to accommodate a tall sleeper or a heavy-duty bed option for a large couple.

One of the first choices when buying any made to order bed will always be the base materials. For instance, to meet your personal bed specifications, we offer bespoke manufacturing for wrought iron beds , wooden beds, and upholstered beds.

Congham Fabric Bed

Product: Congham Fabric Bed (High) in Plush Silver

Then, you can stamp your individual needs and preferences on the bed’s dimensions and finish, including the mattress or headboard fabric for example. You can even have a say in such details as whether the bed has wheels, gliders, or firm legs. Another key decision is whether you need a bespoke bed with storage, or not, such as an ottoman bed. Getting a solid and well-made bed frame is important for any made to order bed. However, it’s particularly vital if you need a structure to accommodate a larger physical frame or to support the sleep patterns of someone who tends to be restless at night.

Special needs bespoke beds

People research the best suppliers of made to order beds for diverse reasons. One of the reasons is to find a bespoke bed for someone who has special needs. This includes people who have autism or a medical condition that induces fits. They sometimes find that standard beds let them down. Many mass-produced models quickly break or become uncomfortable, due to rhythmic or forceful movements.

Finding someone to make a solid but extremely comfortable bed suitable for special needs sleepers can be a massive relief. Especially if you rely on Endurance’s robust bespoke beds, providing the assurance of good value for money too.

Custom Divan Bed Base

Product: Bespoke Divan Bed Base (4 Drawers) in Faux Linen Slate Grey.

How to find a bespoke bed supplier?

Well, the answer is to contact us, of course.

At Endurance Beds, we do all our manufacturing in-house, using quality materials from trusted supply partners. This enables us to create individualised beds to match our customers’ needs and expectations. And always at a competitive price, without ever cutting corners on a flawless end result.

As a family-run company, using both traditional skills and new technology to design tailored beds is something we love to do! Our expertise, experience and enviable reputation mean you are buying a bespoke bed that will last. The quality of our workmanship is one of the main reasons we have so many previous customers happy to recommend bespoke beds from Endurance! (Even though they won’t need to buy another one in their lifetime.) So, go ahead and browse our range today.

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