When buying a new mattress, it's important to choose the perfect size for your bed frame, but standard sizing dimensions can seem a little confusing. How big is a double bed mattress in cm? Let's take a look at standard double dimensions and compare them to other common mattress sizes for two people.

How big is a double bed mattress in cm in the UK?

A UK standard double mattress is 135cm wide and 190cm long.

In feet and inches, this is 4ft6 wide and 6ft3 long. This is usually wide enough for two average people to sleep comfortably side by side. However, heavier people or very tall people might feel that a double mattress is not big enough for them. Doubles are perhaps the most common mattress size in the UK.

Many people wonder how big is a double bed mattress in cm compared to a small double? A UK small double mattress is the same length, 190cm (6ft3), but a little narrower at 120cm wide (4ft). Small double mattresses are ideal for small bedrooms where space is at a premium. They're certainly big enough for two people, but there won't be much space between them. Many people choose a small double mattress as a larger alternative to a single mattress when sleeping alone, or as a guest bed in a spare bedroom which can sleep two when necessary.

What is the depth of a double mattress?

UK mattress sizes do not have standardised depths. Mattress depths vary greatly depending on the materials from which they are made and the method by which they are constructed. Some mattresses have multiple layers of springs and foam for additional comfort and back support, and this adds to the depth.

You should therefore check the depth of a mattress before buying one to ensure you're happy with it. The mattress depth usually will not affect its ability to fit on your chosen bed frame. However, the deeper the mattress is, the higher the overall height of the bed will be.

How does a double bed mattress compare to a king-size?

King size mattresses are both wider and longer than double mattresses. A standard UK king is 150 cm wide and 200 cm long. A super king mattress is even bigger at 180cm wide and 200 cm long.

King size mattresses are ideal for couples when one or both people are heavier and therefore require more space for a comfortable night's sleep. They're also great for couples when one is a light sleeper and is easily woken up by the other moving around in the night, as the additional space reduces the possibility of them being nudged or disturbed. People who are very tall often choose king size mattresses because they offer additional length for long legs.

Super-king size mattresses are even larger at 180cm wide and 200cm long. They offer the luxury of even more space for two people to spread out in and get a comfortable night's sleep. They're also great for parents who find the kids jumping into bed with them in the morning or during the night when they can't sleep. However, their large sizes mean a large bedroom is needed to accommodate them.

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How does a queen size mattress differ from a double in dimensions?

A queen size mattress is the same dimensions as a small double in the UK. The terms 'queen' and 'small double' are used interchangeably, but small double is the term most commonly used to describe mattresses that are 120cm wide and 190cm long in the UK.

In the US, mattress sizing is different and 'queen' is a standard mattress size that is a little larger than a double and smaller than a king. However, when ordering a mattress in the UK, you should not expect a 'queen' mattress to be larger than a double.

Since we are a British company, all of our mattresses are made to UK standard bed mattress sizes. It's important to note that both US and European standard mattress sizes are different, so you should always check the exact dimensions of a bed or mattress to make sure that you're getting the size that you expect.

Should the mattress be the exact same dimensions as the bed?

You should buy a bed frame and mattress that are in the same standard size. For example, when you buy a double bed frame, you'll need a double mattress. However, the exact dimensions of the bed frame itself will vary depending on several factors.

The style of the bed frame and/or headboard will impact its overall dimensions. Bed frames which are more ornate, such as upholstered frames, tend to be larger. Wooden frames are usually at least a few centimetres larger than the mattress itself, whereas metal frames will usually be a little longer than the mattress but the same width.

Divan beds will be the exact same dimensions as the mattress, which is designed to sit flush with the edges of the base. However, if you use a headboard with a divan base, this will add to the bed's overall dimensions.

It's important to check that a bed frame or divan will fit into your bedroom before ordering. Do not simply measure up for the size of the mattress, but check the exact dimensions of the bed frame and headboard.

How to measure up for a new mattress

If you're not sure whether your bed is a double, small double or king-size and you're looking to buy a new mattress for it, you can simply measure the mattress to find out. Do not measure the bed frame as this will not necessarily be the same dimensions as the mattress.

Use a tape measure or soft measuring tape. Remove the duvet and pillows from the bed so you can measure right from the mattress edges. Measure from head to foot to find the length, and from side to side for the width. You should take these measurements along the edges of the mattress to ensure the tape measure isn't slanting at an angle, as this could lead to inaccurate measurements. Then, refer to the dimensions of the different bed sizes we outlined above to match your mattress.

Looking for a mattress outside of standard UK sizes? Check out our high quality bespoke mattresses which can be made to measure to suit your exacting dimensions.

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