If you've been looking for a truly unique bed to give your bedroom the wow factor, you might be considering building one yourself at home. Although it's not impossible to make a DIY bed, it's not an easy or cheap project to embark on unless you already have plenty of experience.

In this blog post, we'll tell you what to consider before attempting to craft a bespoke bed yourself, share some tips on how to make your existing bed frame more unique, and show you how to build a custom bed frame that suits your exacting tastes simply by taking advantage of our extensive bed frame customisation options.

Learn how to build a custom bed frame from scratch

It's possible to teach yourself how to build a custom bed frame completely from scratch, but it's no easy project. If you have previous experience making furniture or working with wood, building your bed could be a great option to consider to both save money and create a unique piece of furniture.

Beds must be strong, sturdy and durable, so you'll need to use solid wood for the main structure of the bed. It's best to use hardwood such as oak, maple or walnut because these varieties offer good strength and rigidity. If you'd prefer to use softwood like pine or cedar, you'll likely need thicker and wider lengths of wood to ensure the bed is structurally sound. Solid, natural wood is not a cheap material, but you may be able to use cheaper plywood for decorative aspects such as the headboard.

Keep in mind that in addition to buying good quality timber, screws and brackets, you'll also need the relevant tools to build your custom bed. The tools required will depend on the wood you're using and your design, but at a minimum, you'll probably need to invest in the following:

  • Drill
  • Mitre saw
  • Circular saw
  • Orbital sander

You'll also need to paint or varnish the finished product to achieve a smart finish and to protect the wood.

Customise an existing bed frame

If building an entire bed frame is too complex a project, you could instead try customising an existing bed frame to put a unique spin on it. Wooden bed frames could be sanded down and painted for a fresh finish. It's also possible to repaint metal frames provided that you take care to properly prep and prime the surface of the metal and use appropriate paint.

You could replace or re-upholster the headboard of a divan bed base for a new look. Alternatively, you could build your custom headboard using plywood, foam and fabric. This is a relatively simple DIY project compared to building an entirely new bed. You won't have to worry too much about the strength of the headboard since it won't be supporting any weight.

If you're looking for a bed with storage, you could build your drawers or boxes to fit underneath your existing bed frame. Alternatively, you could pick out premade storage boxes or baskets and customise them with paint, fabric or other embellishments to make them your own.

Don't underestimate how much accessories and soft furnishing can transform the overall finish of a bed. If you're simply looking for a new look for your bedroom, consider replacing bed linens, adding cushions and throws, moving furniture around, and incorporating new accessories like rugs, potted plants and accent chairs.

These tactics are also a great way to make a relatively simple bed frame look more luxurious and stylish.

Order a bespoke bed from a manufacturer

If you don't have the time, resources or know-how to build your custom bed frame at home, you could instead work with a manufacturer to bring your unique ideas to life. Here at Endurance Beds, we have a huge range of customisation options available so that you can create a bed that meets your unique needs and style preferences.

First, browse our full range of bed frames to find a design that suits your taste. We have upholstered, wooden and wrought iron beds to choose from. Then, select a frame size. Many of our bed frames are available in a wide range of sizes, including the typical Single, Double, King and Super King as well as extra generous sizes like Emperor and Caesar.

Some frames are available with added drawers to give you handy storage space, so this is the next customisation option to choose if you have selected a design with drawers available.

Next, choose a frame finish. Our bespoke wooden beds have more than 48 finish options available, including wax and stains to let the natural wood grain show through, and beautiful Farrow & Ball paint for a colourful finish. Our wrought iron bed frames are available in over 1000 RAL colours which makes it easy to achieve the perfect colour to match your décor and tastes.

For our upholstered beds, we have 22 standard finishes available in a range of colours, but if you have something more specific in mind we have over 100 different fabric options to choose from including premium materials such as leather, suede and velvet.

Finally, you can opt to purchase a new mattress at the same time as your bed frame and save 10% compared to buying it separately. We have a wide range of mattresses available, including open coil, pocket spring and memory foam in a variety of different firmness levels.

Should the range of bed frame customisation options available on our website not fulfil all of your needs, we'd love to work with you to create a fully bespoke design instead. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and together we'll develop a unique bed frame that ticks every box.

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