Four poster beds have traditionally been regarded as only for those with large dwellings and healthy bank balances. But, times have changed. Four poster beds have enjoyed a makeover in recent times, and are now an affordable and accessible option for many people, regardless of whether you own acres of land or have vast wealth. Still need some convincing? Here's why four poster bed options could be the ideal choice for you.

They provide warmth

Four poster beds are different from other types of beds because they have vertical columns in each of the four corners of the bed, supported by an upper panel. Traditionally, curtains were drawn around the bed to keep the occupants warm at night, in those days before central heating was the norm.

Even today in the age of modern heating systems, curtains can still be drawn around the bed creating a warm, luxurious and cosy feel, so it's the ideal bed for chilly nights or just when you want to feel cocooned from the outside world. This style of bed also provides reassuring privacy. Having a layer of curtains around the bed can also make the room nice and dark, reducing the amount of light pollution that may be entering the room from the curtains at the window. Therefore, you can kiss goodbye to having to wear an eyemask at night to block out the light.

Of course, it's not obligatory to draw the curtains around the bed, and you might not wish to even put curtains on it in the first place.

Provides protection

Curtains or mosquito nets can be draped around a four poster bed to prevent nuisance insects from entering your slumber space and attacking you during the night. This makes the bed both useful for winter (keeping you warm) and summer (protection from insects) use.

Highly decorative

One of the main reasons why four poster bed fans rave about this style of bed is that it is highly decorative, and makes a striking, elegant feature in any bedroom. It's no wonder that four poster beds were the staple of opulent homes and palaces in days gone by. By sinking your head down onto such a majestic style of bed, you're bound to have a night of restful slumber.

Size doesn't always matter

Boasting the historical nickname, the 'king of beds', it stands to reason that four poster beds were designed with large and spacious rooms in mind. But, even if your property isn't of palatial proportions, you might still be able to grace your bedroom with this type of bed.

As well as the standard sizes of four poster beds, you can also find ones which are smaller, and you can get ones that can be custom-made to suit your requirements.

Wooden 4 poster bed frame

Product: Illington 4 Poster Wooden Bed Frame

Ideal for minimalists

If you favour minimalist styling at home, with limited clutter and just one or two statement pieces of furniture in a room, having a four poster bed will certainly appeal. Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the bed when entering the room, so that relatively little other furniture or furnishings are needed to give the space character or charm.

Classic design

This elegant style of bed has been around since the 16th century, and it continues to enjoy eternal appeal. If you're looking for a bed style that won't go out of fashion any time soon, you'll struggle to find anything better than the four poster bed.

Style options

Another reason why four poster bed converts are on the increase is that there are various different styles of beds to choose from, enabling you to pick a bed that perfectly matches the decor, furnishings and furniture of a bedroom, as well as the kind of setting you want to create. We tend to think of four poster beds as being grand and traditional in style, but you can also find more modern options, such as different choices of materials and colours.

In fact, if you choose a four poster bed with wooden frames, there are lots of different colour finish options you can choose from, as well as various decorative features, enabling you to easily match your bed with the rest of the room.

Stands the test of time

A four poster bed will always look super stylish, no matter what its age, but because these types of beds are usually well-made from sturdy, robust materials, you can also expect this kind of bed to boast superior longevity. This makes it a truly worthwhile investment for any space.

Why four poster bed options could be good for the environment

Increasing numbers of people like to make environmentally friendly choices when purchasing products for the home, so it's reassuring to know that if you're in the market for owning a new four poster bed, you can help to do your bit for the planet. By choosing a four poster bed made from wood that has been sustainably sourced, and boasts FSC certification, you're making a planet-friendly choice. Plus, because four poster beds enjoy a long lifespan, and stay on-trend for many years to come, you won't need to switch to a new bed in a hurry.

Fits with all mattress styles

While a four poster bed certainly scores top marks for aesthetics, it's still important that the bed should do more than just look great; it should be comfortable to sleep in, and this is where the mattress choice comes into play. The good news is that when you choose a four poster bed, you don't need to compromise on the type of mattress you own. You can still pick from a wide range of mattress styles to complement this bed type, enabling you to enjoy a good night's sleep, in the most luxurious way possible.

If the idea of owning a four poster bed sounds appealing to you, take a look at the options provided at Endurance Beds.

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