When thinking about how to buy a good quality mattress, it quickly becomes clear that there is a lot to consider. You need to debate the pros and cons of foam and springs, think about the correct mattress size and navigate prices at countless stores and websites.

If you are scratching your head about how to get it right, follow these tips from our experts. We are well versed in the right mattresses for different types of sleepers, having sold hundreds of different designs of beds and mattresses over the years. The fundamental concept is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so you need to know how to buy a good quality mattress for your needs.

Things to consider when researching how to buy a good quality mattress

The paramount consideration is that your spine needs to stay aligned when you lie on your mattress. You must think about:

  • Your sleep position
  • Your body type
  • Your personal material preferences

These things are all central to your considerations when determining the mattress that will meet your needs. You will also need to account for cost, durability, convenience and any particular sleep issues you have.

Pillow Top Mattress

Product: Pemberley Pillow Top Mattress

Mattress types

The most popular type of mattress tends to be either memory foam or innerspring. Here's an overview of the available options:

Memory foam

These offer excellent pressure relief as they adapt to your body shape, weight and position, removing weight from pressure points. They are perfect for side sleepers or people with back pain as they promote correct spine alignment. They also help with issues like feeling your sleeping partner move.

They usually have multiple foam layers: firmer at the bottom and softer on top for added comfort. One disadvantage is that the foam traps heat, so look for additional cooling features to avoid overheating.


These mattresses contain steel coils that bring firmness and that signature bounce. They have a familiar feel to them and are well-suited to back and front sleepers who require that firm surface for good spine alignment.

You need to think about coil gauge and coil count. A lower gauge number means more firmness and durability, and you want a high coil count for a quality mattress. Pocketed coils are worth considering for more targeted support.


Latex mattresses are similar to memory foam, but the latex comes from rubber trees and is applicable to organic mattresses. The price will be higher, but there will be more bounce than a memory foam mattress.


These mattresses combine memory foam/latex with coils to offer the best of both worlds. The coils offer support at the bottom, while the memory foam offers comfort on top. Hybrids often feel similar to foam beds but are more expensive and heavier to set up.


Mattresses generally come in soft, medium, medium-firm and firm varieties. There is plenty of debate about which is best. Medium and medium-firm beds are the more moderate, broader options that have gained the most popularity. You need to think about sleep position and body type:

Sleep position

  • Side sleepers: the most common sleeping position, this requires a soft-to-medium firmness for proper spine alignment.
  • Front sleepers: this requires a firmer mattress to avoid sinking into an uncomfortable position.
  • Back sleepers: Medium firmness is the best way to keep the correct spine alignment.
  • Combination: go with a medium firmness if you need to accommodate a range of sleeping positions.

Body type

  • Heavier sleepers: if you weigh more than 250lbs, you will want a firmer mattress that can support that extra weight.
  • Lighter sleepers: if you have a smaller frame, a softer mattress will probably feel most comfortable.

Take both sleeping position and weight into account. Beware of firmness ratings from brands as they are not always a match for the user's opinion of firmness.

Season 1500 Mattress

Product: Seasons 1500 Mattress

Special mattress features

There are specific features of different mattresses that can play a role in how satisfied you end up being with your choice. Look out for the following characteristics:

  • Motion isolation: excellent if your sleeping partner's movements tend to wake you up in the night.
  • Modular firmness: interchangeable firmness levels so that each partner gets something that feels right for them.
  • Edge support: beds sinking at the sides is a common complaint and can reduce your comfort if you sleep near the edge.
  • Mattress height: taller mattresses usually have more layers and feel more luxurious. However, the cost savings and ease of set-up with shorter mattresses can also be appealing.

Sleep concerns

Many people have specific concerns their mattress needs to address:

Heat issues

For people who often overheat when they sleep, cooling features can be helpful. Look for things like:

  • Built-in cooling technologies
  • Cool materials
  • A breathable construction
  • Electric cooling systems

Back pain

If you suffer from back pain, you need a mattress with some foam in it to relieve pressure and maintain correct spine alignment. The right mattress can help alleviate discomfort for a range of causes of back pain.

Organic materials

If the eco-credentials of your mattress are important to you, look out for brands adding an organic cover and then calling the product a completely organic mattress. Memory foam is never organic, so look instead for latex or innerspring mattresses. Look for proof the product is certified organic by a legitimate organisation.

Where to buy a good quality mattress

Besides figuring out the correct mattress type for your needs, you also need to think about what is convenient for you. Though there can be advantages to shopping in-store, Endurance Beds recommend looking online for maximum convenience.

Our online store makes it easy to navigate the different options and search a huge range of mattresses. We also offer tons of free advice on our website and can answer your questions if you get in touch, so please don't hesitate to enquire. We offer free UK delivery with a range of delivery service options to make everything go the way you want it to.

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