Since the lockdown, the vast majority of us have been spending a lot more time at home. This has led to a surge in the popularity of interior design and décor. Many of us dream of a bedroom that truly reflects our personality, and don’t want to settle for off-the-peg furniture that anyone can buy. Perhaps you long for a Victorian-style boudoir or aspire to a Gothic chamber. When it comes to achieving your desired look, it all begins with the bedroom furniture of your dreams. Read on to find out more about interior design throughout history and how to implement period decor into your own bedroom.

Interior décor styles throughout history

Do you want the bedroom furniture of your dreams? Then begin by choosing an interior style, or combination of styles, on which to model your room. You may choose to hunt for antique Edwardian furniture for an art nouveau feel or opt for wooden furniture pieces for a Scandinavian chic aesthetic. When it comes to selecting furniture, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

Gothic style

The Gothic period lasted from the 12th to the 15th century, though it had a revival in the 19th century. It was inspired by the architecture of the cathedrals, castles and the homes of the wealthy. The beds in particular evolved to become massive, elaborately carved four posters, draped with rich, luxurious velvets and beautiful embroidery, and these often included a canopy. The beds were made of solid wood, often in dark, rich colours.

To achieve this look, opt for a four poster bed in dark wood and drape with velvet curtains for the ultimate Gothic effect. Pair with a dark wood dressing table and stool to complete your dream Gothic aesthetic.

Victorian style

The Victorian period dates from around 1830 to 1890. This style gathered influences from the Gothic, Rococo and Louis XV periods. Furniture from this period is characterised by curvaceous lines, carved details and elaborate ornamentation featuring such elements as trailing vines, leaves, fruits, bows and cherubs. Often these elements were painted or gilded as well. The usual fabrics were heavy brocades, damasks and velvets.

The Industrial Revolution transformed manufacturing processes and during this time metal bed frames became popular, usually made from cast iron and incorporating decorative roundels and knobs, which were often gilded. Choose a metal bedframe with decorative details to achieve this look, and opt for William Morris-esque designs on your soft furnishings to achieve your dream Victorian bedroom.

Art Nouveau and Edwardian

Art Nouveau was a relatively short lived (from 1890 to 1910) style, as its characteristically long curves and organic shapes were expensive to mass produce. It was inspired by nature, and featured sinewy flowing lines and stylised natural forms. Nowadays, Art Nouveau bedframes are readily available to chose wishing to achieve this style.

The Edwardian period ushered in elements such as inlaid woods, carved legs and brass fittings. Well-known designers from this time include Louis Comfort Tiffany, whose beautiful stained glass lamps are still highly sought after today, and Charles Rennie Macintosh. Pastel colours such as lilac, soft greens and pale blues became popular, and designs were inspired by nature. To bring the Edwardian period into your bedroom's decor, choose a carved wooden bedframe and light-coloured bedside table to match.

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Art Deco

This period started around 1920 and continued into the 1930s. The furniture is characterised by intricate inlays in wood, marble or mother of pearl, and smooth, symmetrical lines and sweeping curves. They often incorporated themes such as sunbursts, rays or stars.

Incorporate art deco into your bedroom with a bedframe that features a symmetrical carved pattern and bedside table with detailed drawers.

Mid-century style

During the mid-20th century, materials such as plastic, glass, metal and moulded plywood became popular. Typical furniture from this period, however, is usually made from wood and looks simple and elegant, with clean lines and minimal, if any, decoration. Colours from this period were often bright and vibrant, and included colours like tangerine orange, yellow and emerald green. Mid-century beds often feature slightly tapered legs and a low profile.

For a mid-century style bedroom, opt for a simplistic, low bedframe and pair with bright fabrics accessories, such as cushions and curtains.

Scandinavian chic

This minimalist style is clean and highly functional. It focusses on making the most of natural light, and is characterised by light colours, usually with white walls and pale blond wood. Hidden storage is a typical feature, so clutter can be easily stored and tidied away. The room should feel open and uncluttered, but the use of natural materials such as wood with a warm tone, houseplants and cosy fabrics such as a fluffy throw and cushions on the bed will stop the space feeling cold.

Choose a pale wood bedframe to bring a Scandi aesthetic to your bedroom, and cover with throws and cushions to make your room feel even cozier.

Contemporary style

This is the current style, and while it is still all about clean smooth lines, there are usually more curves. The colour palette is often vibrant, and will often include strong contrasts, such as black and white. Furniture features smooth, geometric shapes and clean lines in either wood or metal. There are usually no carvings or embellishments – with this style, less is more, and it is often bold and structural. Beds in the contemporary style won’t have any frills, tassels or floral prints.

An ottoman bed in a bold colour palette epitomizes contemporary style by combining fashion with functionality. Pair with a white wooden wardrobe to complete the contemporary look.

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