It's true that you spend most of your time in the bedroom asleep. However, its interior is what you see before you sleep and when you wake up. It’s where you keep most of your important stuff and reflects how you keep the rest of the house. You, therefore, need to transform it from a dull and disorganised room into a functional yet relaxing space. Your choice of furniture determines how successful you’ll be in that endeavour. Here are seven of the essential bedroom furniture you shouldn’t miss.

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Essential bedroom furniture

1. Bedframe

The bed is the centrepiece of the entire room. It determines your interior décor theme, mood, energy, and practicality. You need to choose a bed size that fits well in the room and has ample space for you and your partner. The bed also needs to leave room for other furniture. A large bed may be comfortable, but it could leave you with little room for movement.

The material used to make the bed also matters. When selecting the bed, you need to consider its longevity, strength, and suitability to the rest of the room. Metal and wood are the standard bed frame materials. You then get beds with exposed metal or wood and others covered with fabric. Exposed metal beds give an airy feeling and allow more light around the room. On the other hand, a custom divan bed base is a solid piece that blocks light. Therefore, you should choose how roomy or cosy you wish the bedroom to feel.

2. Wardrobe

Wardrobes present a place to store your clothes. Imagine if you had to store your clothes on a table or on the floor. Aim for a wardrobe large enough to hold your clothes for practical purposes. For aesthetic purposes, choose one with a nice and complementary finish. The doors should easily swing open, with a well-appointed interior to provide ample surfaces and hangers for your clothes. If you have little room to spare, a chest drawer could serve as a wardrobe if you don’t have too many clothes. However, a wardrobe serves your needs better in the long run.

3. Bedside tables and drawers

Both types of bedside bedroom furniture serve the same purpose, except the drawers add more functionality. A bedside table is useful for placing a bedside lamp, alarm clock, phone charging pad, and other small items. They ease access to those items you commonly use before and after sleeping. If you sleep alone, you’ll only need one bedside table and one on either side if you have a partner.

The bedside table or drawer should ideally be the same material and style as the bed. Most beds are sold with bedside tables or drawers, but you can have yours custom-made. For example, you can have a pair of wooden bedside drawers to contrast your metal frame bed. This dramatic choice makes a bold statement without clashing with the room’s design theme. It also adds practicality to the setup with ample storage space. Ensure the table surface is the right height for ease of access.

4. Dressing table

This bedroom furniture is especially essential for ladies. The dressing table provides a place to store makeup and other aesthetic tools. In addition, its location denotes a perfect spot in the bedroom to relax, focus on your beauty needs and start the makeup application process.

A good dressing table has drawers where you organise your makeup and toiletries. The table’s mirror is the centrepiece, at just the right height to ensure comfort throughout the beautification process.

Getting a dresser with plenty of storage sections is important to keep it well organised. A small one will have you placing some items on it, which gives a poor bedroom image.

5. Mirror

Some dressing tables come with a mirror while others don’t. Furthermore, you may find that mirror tiny or only fit for applying makeup. That's why it makes sense to invest in a larger mirror. You can get a full-length mirror to help you view your outfit from head to toe. Such a mirror should have a secure frame and a sturdy stand. You don’t want your pet or child knocking it down.

The frame and stand should also complement the rest of the bedroom furniture design. Therefore, get one made from the same material as the bed and wardrobe, or in the same colour and finish. In addition, avoid a permanently fixed mirror. While it is safer, it minimises your viewing angles.

6. Stools

A dressing table is not complete without a stool. However, the stool is not limited to dressing table duties. While you can place a two-seater couch in the bedroom, it will probably crowd the space. Stools are easier to move about and provide temporary resting places. They are great for when you need to put on your shoes, and you can use one when applying makeup. Therefore, aim for at least a pair in your bedroom. They should be similar in design and either complement or contrast the rest of the furniture.

7. Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers adds more room for storing clothes and other items. It is commonly used for storing underwear, watches, and less frequently used small gadgets. The chest of drawers can fill an otherwise empty or dull section of the bedroom while adding loads of practicality. Its top surface can hold a vase, tray for your keys, or an assortment of books. It can also be at a waist height or a little higher. Either way, you have options when selecting the one that fits your needs without taking up too much space.

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Your selection of bedroom furniture determines how useful this section of your house will be. Aim to pick those in harmony in terms of design and practicality. These seven essential bedroom furniture pieces work well for almost any bedroom. You’ll find them on our site. We pride ourselves on crafting high-quality bespoke beds and other bedroom furniture. Call us today, and let us help you create the perfect bedroom.

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