Over the years, bedroom furniture can receive a lot of wear and tear due to the fact bedrooms are frequently used. Therefore, you need to care for your bedroom furniture to keep it functional for longer. This article highlights the importance of such care and shares tips on how to care for your bedroom furniture.

Why care for bedroom furniture?

Bedroom furniture adds function, grace and beauty to an otherwise plain section of a house. A careful selection of the best furniture utilises the available space by giving ample room for resting and storing stuff. As such, you need to prolong the useful lifespan of bedroom furniture to realise returns on your investment.

Caring for bedroom furniture also makes your bedroom look great. Worn mattresses, broken stools, rickety bed frames and chipped mirrors make a poor image. You cannot peacefully rest in such an environment. Considering the daily stresses you endure, things would only worsen if you left your bedroom furniture in poor shape.

You also need to consider your health. Dirty and broken furniture makes a habitable site for mould, bacteria and other pathogens. Rodents also thrive under such circumstances, bringing diseases with them.

How to care for your bedroom furniture?

Review your bedroom furniture needs

To keep the furniture looking great and serving your needs for longer, you need first to assess your needs. You may have too little or too many pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Having fewer pieces than you need means overusing the available pieces. For example, you may not have a stool or chair in the bedroom. This means you'll constantly use the bed as a seat, thus weakening the frame and flattening the mattress. You can look through this catalogue for some amazing additions.

Properly clean the furniture

Once you have the right bedroom furniture, you need to keep them clean. It is best to clean bedroom furniture regularly to prevent dirt build-up and to ease the cleaning process. You'll need the right supplies for the job. These include a duster, a spray bottle of water, a few microfiber cloths and a vacuum cleaner.

Begin by dusting the furniture. You need to start from the upper surfaces and work your way down. Starting on upper levels allows you to observe the entire bedroom and identify problematic spots. When dusting, lift items on those surfaces to ensure you do a thorough job.

You then need to get rid of the dust by vacuum cleaning the floor. As the dust settles on the floor, you need to remove it before it spreads all over the room again.

After vacuuming, you should wipe all items and surfaces. Wipe with the microfiber cloths and water. You may need a grease remover if you notice any oily surfaces. Wiping helps remove residual dust and other stubborn dirt. As you wipe, check for any staining. In addition, check for any damage to the furniture.

The last step is to clean the floor. Depending on the flooring material, you may have to vacuum, mop or sweep it. Arrange also to have the rest of the house cleaned to prevent the transfer of dirt into the bedroom.

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Do repairs ASAP

You should make it a habit to repair bedroom furniture as soon as possible. Early repairs tend to be cheap and take a short while. It is also safer for you since ignoring the damage to furniture could have it falling apart when in use. For example, sitting on a broken chair could lead to injuries and damage to furniture nearby.

Arrange the furniture well

Furniture arrangement not only affects its usability it also determines its longevity. For example, placing an upholstered bed or chair close to the window exposes it to harmful UV sun rays. These rays will discolour the fabric and damage the wood in the furniture.

In addition, poorly placed furniture will cause accidents in the bedroom. For example, walking into a stool or the bed frame will hurt your toes and damage the furniture. Therefore, place furniture well by considering its function and safety. Furthermore, having removed excess pieces, you should have ample space for those items and your movement.

Use the furniture as intended

Your spring mattress is for sleeping, not a trampoline in the playground. Similarly, your dressing table is for applying makeup and storing toiletries. It is not a ladder for fixing the light bulb. The point is that misusing bedroom furniture contributes to their damage. While it may seem like nothing too serious, constantly misusing bedroom furniture wears them off faster. A bed frame can easily carry a heavy load. However, it was not designed for the erratic and shifting weight of someone jumping on the mattress.

Replace furniture where necessary

You need to replace bedroom furniture should you accidentally damage it beyond repair. The same applies to those with plenty of wear and tear. Keeping such furniture exposes them to further damage and you to danger. Therefore, if that bed frame has become too rickety, it's time to invest in a new one. This may be a chance for you to assess your other furniture and change the bedroom's interior décor.

When replacing bedroom furniture, choose pieces that blend well with the remaining pieces. Additionally, buy high-quality furniture. Those may be costly, but they will serve you for the long term without breaking down.

Furthermore, you need to replace bedroom furniture as your needs change. You may have made space in your bedroom for your newborn’s crib. When you move your child to their room, you'll need to replace the crib with more appropriate furniture.


Care for your bedroom furniture ensures you enjoy using them for longer. Additionally, such care saves you significant repair and replacement expenses. These tips on how to care for your bedroom furniture will help you in the process and make your bedroom a wonderful place to spend time in.

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