If you're renovating a period property, choosing the right bedroom furniture is an important decision. After all the time, effort and research that has gone into transforming your dream home, the furniture you choose can be the perfect way to finish the project. There are so many options to choose from, like beautiful four-poster beds, coordinating painted furniture and antique bedroom accessories. We take a look at how to choose bedroom furniture for a renovation, what features to look for and how to style your vintage bedroom in our buyer's guide.

Do a little historical research

Very few renovations come with the original furniture, but that doesn't mean you can't create the same effect that the designer intended. Once you know what period your home comes from you can look online or in archives for drawings or photos of the furniture from that time. If your home is from the 20th Century you may be able to find magazines with furniture adverts for inspiration. You can take these designs to a bespoke furniture maker or choose modern versions with similar features. Bevelled mirror edges, antique wax finishes on wood and brass details can all make furniture seem that little bit unique and special.

Think about storage space

If you're renovating a house, it's important to think about what living there is going to be like once all of the work is complete. Storage space might not be glamorous but it can make life a lot simpler when everything has a place. Smaller bedrooms often lack storage space, but cleverly designed bedroom furniture has a range of features, like extra shelves, under the bed storage and castors so you can rearrange furniture with ease. If you need extra space and are looking for a high-tech and stylish solution, an electric ottoman bed is ideal.

Consider a four poster bed

Four-poster beds are absolutely stunning, perfect for stylish historic homes and luxurious master bedrooms. These large and impressive beds are the perfect statement piece for your bedroom, especially if your house has generous proportions. Another reason custom 4 poster beds are becoming more popular is the way they can enhance sleep, with heavy curtains and drapery to block out light. If you're a sensitive sleeper or struggle to sleep with any lights on, a four-poster bed could be a brilliant choice, it looks amazing too.

Accessorize with antiques

If you want a bedroom that looks straight out of a historical drama, accessorize your bedroom with carefully selected antiques to complement your modern furniture. You can often find stunning antique fabrics and draperies from antique shops and interior designers. Tapestries, paintings of the local area and items from the time period of your house can also add some authenticity and history to your room. If you're not a fan of antiques and prefer brand new furniture that's never been used, consider antique finished wooden mirrors or classic stained-glass lampshades.

Antique Mirror

Product: Wellington Single Table Mirror

Have bespoke bedroom furniture designed for you

If you're looking for a stunning statement bed, investing in a one-of-a-kind bespoke bed is a great choice. Older properties can often have unusual proportions or original features to work with so a bespoke furniture manufacturer can offer advice and unique designs. Premium materials, high-quality UK manufacturing and a 12-year guarantee also mean it will last for many years to come. If you're looking to create a truly luxurious and comfortable sleeping space you can tailor the options to your exact specifications. You can also choose a bespoke mattress for superior comfort, perfectly designed to suit your needs.

Introduce colour with painted furniture

Painted furniture is a great choice for rustic, shabby-chic homes so experiment with different shades. Stunning dove grey bedside drawers are perfect for period homes, with a subtle muted finish. You could also coordinate your bedroom furniture with dove grey wardrobes, chests of drawers and dressing tables too.

Choose the right size bed

It's important to choose the right size bed for your bedroom space so measure it before you buy. If you have a large house with a cavernous bedroom, an Emperor or Caesar bed is a perfect choice, making the room seem more in proportion and comfortable. Extra-large beds are the ideal statement piece for a stylish master bedroom and at Endurance beds, we have a huge variety of larger than double beds. If you are looking for a beautiful bed for a small room, you could choose a small double or a metal bed frame which will leave more space in the room for other furniture.

Bedroom furniture that won't date

If you've modernised your home and made sure everything is brand new and high-quality, choose furniture that won't date. Bold, bespoke furniture is what historic rooms were designed for so make sure you choose a stunning classic design like the Antique Illington 4 poster bed. Choosing luxurious, well-made furniture can be key to creating a comfortable, safe and cosy space to sleep.

4 Poster antique bed

Product: Illington 4 Poster Bed

Make sure to get the details right

The secret to beautiful furniture is in the details, so it's important to understand what you're looking for in your bedroom furniture choices. Metal bed frames with hints of gold or an ornamental headboard are perfect for renovation projects. Choose the furniture you love and find details that match your home, whether it's a landscape painting inspired by the view or a handy ottoman with loads of space for storage. Coordinate items like bedside lamps and mirrors with the colour scheme you've selected.

Shop bedroom furniture

Whether your property is a fabulous 1950s bungalow or a historic country home from the 1600s, choose the perfect furniture at Endurance Beds. All of our stunning bespoke bedroom sets are made in the UK, from sustainably sourced materials. From bespoke furniture for period homes to contemporary made to measure beds, shop the collection online today for free UK delivery.

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