It has become common knowledge that, as humans, we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. However, this fails to give the process the gravitas it deserves. While in bed, we are doing far more than just ‘resting’. From repairing cells and restoring energy to the creation of new memories, our sleep is a surprisingly busy affair.

As we learn more and more about our brains’ complex routines, the importance of quality sleep becomes clearer. For this reason, it is absolutely vital to cultivate an environment that allows your body and mind the freedom to complete their tasks. At the core of this is choosing a bed that suits you. There are a staggering number of beds on the market and trying to narrow the selection down can be daunting. Every person is unique, meaning what works for one person’s sleep might not match someone else’s. One factor that restricts all buyers universally, however, is space. While a room-sized four-poster bed may be appealing, for many people, there simply is not enough space in the bedroom to fit one in.

It is because of this issue that the ottoman style of bed has become so popular in recent years. An ottoman is fitted with hydraulic lifts and/or pistons that allow users to lift the top half up easily to reveal roomy storage space beneath. By combining your storage and sleeping space, ottomans are an efficient way of maximising a room’s dimensions without scrimping on aesthetics.

How to put ottoman bed down?

Many first-time buyers may be wary of bedframes doing more than simply holding their mattress still. However, the gas-lift design of the ottoman means that it will only move when you want it to. These struts are the lynchpin that ensures the smooth operation of the bedframe. Not only do they provide the support that makes opening the bed possible, but they are also engineered to keep the frame locked open, meaning you can access the storage space without the worry of it collapsing. The struts are also put in place to control any sudden movements and ensure the bed opens and closes carefully.

Without a mattress on top, it is not possible to keep the ottoman down. This is because the hydraulic fittings react to weight and pressure acting down onto it, without which they face no resistance and will open. However, once a mattress has been fixed, the ottoman will remain in its closed position no matter how much movement is taking place on top.

Assembling your ottoman is shockingly straightforward. You have everything you need within the box (barring a hammer and Allen key), and our step-by-step instructions can guide anyone through the process. Once you have assembled the frame correctly, the base will remain at a 45° angle and you should be able to push it up and down without resistance. After this, you are ready to purchase a mattress and carefully place it on top as you would any other bed. Most ottomans are fitted with anti-slip material that keeps the mattress firmly in place even when opened at an angle. You should know that ottomans do not require a specific brand or style of mattress to function- that decision is entirely down to preference.

Primula Headboard in Custom Finish

 Product: Primula Headboard in Custom Finish

Why choose bespoke?

Despite the importance of a good night’s sleep, a bed is not usually seen as a purchase to splash out on. However, a bespoke bed is an incredibly worthy, and possibly even life-changing, investment. Much like tailored clothes, it's difficult to understand the benefits of a made-to-measure bed without experiencing it yourself.

Everyone’s body is totally different and each one has its own individual set of needs and wants. As such, it can be challenging to match your own desires with the default products offered on the market. If you are searching for a bed with dimensions out of the norm, settling for a conventional model means you are still making a big purchase that ultimately leaves you unsatisfied. Instead, working with a team of experts such as Endurance Beds guarantees a master-crafted item that will serve you for years to come.

Furthermore, the personalisation options available are not limited to size and shape! You can also alter the materials going into the structure to fit your needs better. This includes big picture stuff, such as wrought iron or wooden frames, as well as the specifics like the fabric of the headboard.

Of course, sometimes it is not you in need of a bespoke bed, but the bedroom itself. Awkward spaces or features such as slanted ceilings can seem impossible to match with a quality bed. However, a made-to-order bed bypasses this issue while also having the benefits of a customised aesthetic and quality craftsmanship. This is especially helpful with ottoman beds, as the additional storage space is also helpful in the utilisation of limited bedroom space.

Someone can also simply choose a bespoke bed for its look! The aesthetics of our sleeping environments can be just as conducive to quality sleep as the material and structure of the bed itself. If you have a specific interior design vision, then it is difficult to find a bed that truly matches the one in your mind. To this end, a consultation with a bespoke bedmaker can be a wonderful first step into making your dream bedroom a reality.


The decision to purchase an ottoman bed is not one to lose sleep over. Bringing the best of master-crafted beds along with crucial extra storage space, an ottoman is one investment guaranteed to pay dividends. The wide array of customisations offered means that you never have to settle for less than perfection. If you are ready to invest in both your sleep and interior storage, then get in touch with Endurance Beds today for an unmatched bed buying experience. All our beds are made with love and come with a 12-year guarantee

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