Because wood is such a ubiquitous, durable and versatile material, it is one of the best choices with which to decorate a bedroom. Whether this is the construction of the bedroom itself, such as the walls and floors, or the furniture that sits within, there is an endless number of wood finishes that you might look at when decorating.

Whether the wood has been painted, distressed, or even fully covered, you will never be left wanting for variety. However, one way of including wood in decor that is becoming increasingly popular again is by letting its natural features and beauty shine out. We will look at why and how you might look to incorporate some of these natural wood bedroom ideas into your own interior design.

Which woods work well & why?

The mix of qualities is what makes wood such a timeless material from which to build furniture and decorate a room with. The mixture of durability, availability, beauty and ease makes wood the preferred choice for furniture that may see a lot of use. But which woods have the best mix of these attributes?

Hardwoods such as oak are great for furniture as they are typically dense and durable. However, the major disadvantage of oak is its price and dwindling availability. It takes 30-40 years for a single oak tree to grow, and then up to a decade to 'season' the wood ready to be used for manufacturing. This makes it more expensive than alternatives, and in the current climate can often be difficult to source responsibly.

This is why Endurance Beds have chosen to make our furniture with Scandinavian pine. Because of the cold climate to which it is native, Scandinavian pine grows much more slowly than it would somewhere warmer, making it much denser than it otherwise would be. This gives it those 'oaky' attributes of being incredibly durable and stable. The main advantage here though is that pine grows quicker than oak, and therefore it is more available, which makes it cheaper, but without compromising on quality.

Because of its hard-wearing nature, Scandinavian Pine is the perfect wood for the bedroom – not just for the pieces of furniture that you accessorise with, but also for floors and even walls too. The Scandinavian Pine we use is high quality, sustainable and FSC certified.

Kelling Solid Oak Bed Frame

Product: Kelling Solid Oak Bed Frame

Natural wood bedroom ideas

Let's look at some popular ways of incorporating wood into the bedroom, and why wood is a great choice for any and all of these options.

Wooden furniture

Perhaps the most obvious way to incorporate natural wood into the bedroom is by picking main pieces that accentuate natural wood and then designing around them.

Bespoke wooden bedroom furniture is an excellent way of ensuring that your furniture is going to be fit-for-purpose, suit you perfectly, and be as durable and long-lasting as possible.

It may be tempting to go for cheaper options here, but buyer beware, the false economy of MDF or chipboard furniture may end up costing you more in the long term. After all, many families have pieces of natural wood furniture that have been in their family for generations now. Can we say the same about Billy Bookcases?

Wooden walls & accents

Using wood in this way can really help to add a sense of warmth and light to a room, especially if lighter finishes are chosen. Natural wood is versatile enough to be a blank canvas on which you can implant almost any style and works very well to highlight that bespoke bedroom furniture, especially a bespoke wooden bed.

For the best effects, it may be worth considering mixing and matching some wood tones, for example, a light natural wood floor with dark natural wooden furniture, or vice versa. Try breaking up large expanses of wooden floor with rugs, sofas, and other furniture pieces to really highlight the natural wood.

Product: Maine Bedroom Furniture Collection

Wooden ceilings

Wood can be used in a variety of ways in a ceiling. Dark, natural wood beams are common features of old houses, but just because your house isn't built from wood doesn't mean you can't achieve the same effect yourself. Attaching aesthetic beams can break up a large flat ceiling, and give a rich and elegant look to a room.

Alternatively, covering an entire ceiling with wooden planks or slats can help to make a room look a lot bigger, as it will really brighten and air out a space, making it feel less cramped and more open. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to incorporate natural wood into contemporary design.

Enhance the Natural Look

Just because a wood finish is natural, doesn't mean it can't be personalised! There are ways to treat and finish wood which will not diminish its natural features or beauty – in fact, it will enhance them.

Most of the furniture at Endurance Beds comes with nearly 50 finishes to choose from. This is extremely useful when mixing and matching wood tones because you don't have to try and find matching pieces from lots of different manufacturers.

As well as our finishes that enhance natural wood's features, such as grain and texture, we also include a huge range of paint finishes, including Farrow & Ball painted options. This makes building your dream bedroom much easier, and you can customise pieces which complement and highlight the beauty of the natural wood in the room. Mixing and matching finishes, colours, tones and textures can be a fantastic way to start thinking about the design of your bedroom.

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Hopefully, you've now been furnished with a few more natural wood bedroom ideas. Whether you want to recreate a rustic country cottage, or a contemporary industrial-style interior, decorating rooms with high-quality furniture made from natural wood could not be more accessible than it is today.

If you are interested in looking for that perfect piece of furniture, or if you wish to find out more information about natural wood furniture, contact us using the form on our website, by emailing, or by calling 01553 401844

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