As the place where we rest and rejuvenate, beds play a vital role in our health and well-being. As a result, when selecting a new sleeping solution or upgrading an existing option, careful consideration is essential. Beds in Britain are manufactured from a wide variety of materials selected for specific properties, including aesthetic appeal, strength, safety, affordability, and durability to name but a few. Among the available options, metal frame beds have earned a reputation for being able to tick all the boxes above. However, the frame is only one part of a sleeping solution and the type of mattress selected is also important.

Many people choosing this option ask the question 'what is the best mattress for metal bed frame buyers?' In this blog, we’ll explore this topic in-depth. We’ll take a closer look at metal frames and their attributes, alongside the mattresses that are applicable. Read on to learn more and make an informed decision when you need the perfect partner for your chosen bed frame.

Understanding what metal beds can offer

Metal bed frames are designed to endure. Made from robust materials they present a hardwearing exterior and possess the strength to cope with considerable weight and use. As a result, they are a favoured option for many hotels across the country that see a constant flow of guests enjoying overnight stays. However, this quality of metal beds also makes them ideal for larger or heavier sleepers, whether they sleep alone or with their partner.

Straightforward to assemble and easy to care for, metal framed beds are also raised from floor level, offering ample storage space to keep the bedroom tidy with belongings tucked out of sight.

The strength of this bed type means that its owners can enjoy many years of use from it resulting in a sound return on their investment. Consequently, it is favoured by financially savvy businesses and individuals alike. Well-constructed metal beds also have excellent structural integrity, making them exceptionally safe and secure.

Just because metal bed frames are strong, does not mean that they cannot be attractive. A diverse range of styles is available to suit various tastes as well as bedroom décor. It is easy to find metal beds with a modern aesthetic as well as those with a more traditional look and feel. An extensive selection of finishes is available, making it simple to match any room. As a result, they are often a favourite of interior designers looking to complete a look while never compromising on quality.

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How do you choose a mattress?

Mattresses should not be chosen solely to match the bed frame you have, but rather the specific needs of the sleeper, among other factors. Areas to consider are body weight and type, sleeping position and habits, preferred level of firmness and whether back pain is an issue.

Understandably, appearance, durability, quality, and cost must also be factored into the equation. Whether a mattress will be used by a standard sleeper, a business or someone with special needs is also an important point to consider.

However, once you have determined the best mattress for an application or individual, you must still determine if it is ideal for a metal bed frame if you are set on buying one for its benefits.

What impacts mattress options for metal beds

There are two main types of metal bed frames available to buy here in Britain, platform beds and slatted beds. You will often find that different metal bed products will offer customers the option to select from an edition that has slats or a welded metal mesh.

While offering a robust base for a mattress to rest on, slats cannot take as much weight as a welded metal mesh solution. Slats may be manufactured from wood or metal and are typically riveted into place. However, when selecting a mattress for this type of bed, you must consider how far apart the slats are positioned. If there is too much distance between them, the level of support they can offer will be less. As a result, if the mattress you buy is too thin or too soft it will quickly become worn and damaged and will not provide a suitable base for sleeping on.

However, if the slats are placed closely together, you will have a greater number of choices when it comes to picking the perfect mattress for your needs. Metal beds with a welded mesh offer the strongest base and are compatible with the widest array of mattress types, making them an ideal option.

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Available mattress types for metal beds

Providing you own a high-quality metal framed bed, you’ll have plenty of choices to find the best mattress. Here are some of the leading options, that are worth considering:

Extra firm mattress

Extra firm mattresses are a robust option when you’ve chosen a metal frame for its durability. Tightly packed with layers of luxury filling, they can offer strong overnight support which stretches right to the edge of your metal frame.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are an excellent choice for sleepers for extreme comfort and fit to your body shape. While it has a firm tension base, remember to make sure that your metal bed’s slats are not spaced too widely, or that you have a welded mesh base, as this mattress softens with body heat.

Pocket sprung mattress

Finally, pocket sprung mattresses are an excellent selection for metal beds. Delivering edge-to-edge support, these expertly engineered mattresses ensure no dipping occurs thanks to their twin rows of hand stitching.

Still unsure what is the best mattress for metal bed frame buyers?

Whether you need a pocket-sprung solution or an extra-firm option, we have a wide range of high-quality mattresses suited to metal bed frames that can provide the support you need. Browse our range of bespoke mattresses at Endurance Beds, and if you need further advice on the best mattress for metal bed frames contact our team now for assistance.

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