If you have had a full night of undisturbed sleep but still awaken feeling groggy it just might be caused by your sleeping position, below is some information regarding the 5 most common positions we choose and the benefits/ downside to each.

Side Sleeper

If you are a side sleeper there are pros and cons as to which side you choose. The left side is highly recommended for pregnant women as it increases blood flow to the baby and the placenta. It can also alleviate heartburn and help aid digestion, it can however put a strain on your internal organs. Sleeping on your right-hand side is said to be good for your heart however can cause digestion problems.

In a recent study it found people who work in manufacturing and transport industries are most likely to choose their right side where as people of higher education and those that work in marketing and advertising are most likely to choose their left.

The Foetal Position

The foetal position is sleeping on your side with legs curled up underneath. This is said to be the most popular choice with over 41% of us choosing this position of which twice as many are women. Its no wonder that so many of us choose to sleep in this way as it is how we all started in the womb.  Many sleep specialists would recommend taking the foetal position as it is thought to cause the least sleep interruptions, It also allows your body to be supported and comfortable enabling it to fully rest and repair. It is said those who choose the foetal position have a tough exterior but are really a big softy inside.

Stomach Sleeper

This is a not so favoured choice, with only 7% of us choosing to sleep on our stomachs. It is not recommended for those who suffer from neck or back problems or for pregnant women. Sleeping on your stomach can cause you to wake with neck pains or muscle spasms due to your neck being stuck in the same position for a long period of time. It can also encourage your back to arch. It is said people who choose to sleep on their stomach tend to be brash and more self-assertive. In a recent survey it found agriculture workers and those who are heavy drinkers tend to choose this position.

Soldier Position

The solider position is sleeping straight with arms by your side. This again isn’t such a popular choice with figures showing 8% of the population choosing to sleep this way. It does however have some benefits, it allows your spine and neck to remain in a neutral position, it also allows your weight to distribute evenly therefore not adding pressure to a particular part of the body. One down side is it increases the potential of snoring therefore not an ideal position for those with sleep apnoea. Those who sleep this way tend to be strong willed and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Half on your side half on your stomach

Sleeping in this way can cause back and neck pain as you are putting pressure on muscles in these areas, it can also twist your pelvis which can lead to discomfort. It is said those who choose this position may be secretly anxious and want to take control of any given situation.

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