Our website states:

"Endurance Beds pride ourselves on manufacturing uniquely styled Wrought Iron Beds. Our team of expert engineers have designed our revolutionary steel mesh base, this combined with beautifully crafted headboards and footboards gives these beds the ultimate wow factor!"

We have sourced our materials to the best possible standard, provide in house powder coating of all beds, package the beds internally so other than delivery with the courier, we are in control of your bed from start to almost finish. Our in house manufacturing of our beds ultimately provide many benefits to the customer. These being:


  • All of our products have 100% in house quality checks. This will provide the customer with a bed you'd expect every time with no faults. We are confident you would be pleased with your purchase when your bed is put together.

  • We package all of our beds internally, which ensures we reinforce the bed from any courier mishandling to ensure the bed comes to you exactly the way it did after production.

  • It enables us to provide a flexible production, ie; if you needed a bespoke product that wasn't necessarily on the website, we could provide any shape and size to your requirement. 

  • Delivery times are within our control. Therefore we aim to provide the beds within the timescale on the website. This is something we are passionate about as we don't want to let you as a customer down with the expectations of your purchase from ourselves.

  • The main benefit is that we can keep the prices of your beds down due to no external costing, This ensures you are paying for a product that fits the value of the bed with no extras. 

Thank you for reading this blog. It is important to us that you receive your bed and we offer a product that we are proud of, therefore making you happy with the bed you receive.

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