The average person spends over a third of their life asleep, so getting good quality rest is incredibly important, and it’s even more important for children. When a child has a big day ahead of them growing, learning and developing, a good night’s sleep is essential. If you’re looking for bedroom furniture that is both practical and stylish, you’ve come to the right place. Endurance Beds has been crafting quality furniture for over 10 years. Here are five of the most practical pieces of furniture for children’s bedrooms that we offer.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are always a popular furniture choice for children’s bedrooms. This clever design utilises the empty space above ground level, so you can fit two beds into the floor space of one - they simply stack one on top of the other. This is an ideal choice for shared spaces where two children may be sleeping in the same room. Or, if only one child is sleeping in the room, the spare bed is perfect for storage, seating or giving friends a place to sleep during sleepovers.

Here at Endurance Beds, we offer a range of wooden and metal bunk bed frames, in a variety of sizes and styles. Our wooden bunk beds are fully customisable with over 45 finishes, and our metal bunk bed frames are available in over 1000 different colours for you to choose from. There’s sure to be an option to suit your taste.

You can even choose to upgrade to a Quad Bunk Bed, featuring two double sized mattresses that children or adults can sleep on. With a sturdy ladder and handcrafted frame, these beds are designed to last. We’re so confident in our quality, that all of our bunk bed frames come with a 12-year guarantee.

Quad Bunk Bed

Product: Quad Wooden Bunk Bed

Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds may not be the first type of bedroom furniture you think of when considering a child’s bedroom, however, they are a particularly practical choice. This style of bed lifts up to reveal additional storage underneath the mattress, which protects items being stored from dust and dirt.

During our many years of experience crafting furniture, we’ve certainly learnt from our customers that the more storage the better when it comes to children’s bedrooms. This style of bed lets you neatly tidy toys, clothes, books and other items out of the way, without cluttering up any floor space.

Ottoman beds are available in a wide variety of designs, including end-lift, side-lift and electric opening styles. As a result, you can choose the design that best suits your space - no need to squeeze into a corner of the room to try and lift the bed up, you can simply choose a style that opens where you have the most space. You can also choose to customise your furniture with your choice of upholstery and feet styles.

Coloured bed frames & furniture

When it comes to children’s furniture, colour always goes down a treat. A pop of colour brings fun, energy and joy to any space. With so many colours now available in both wooden and metal bed frames, such as our Yellow Austin Metal Bed Frame and our Pink Wooden Bunk Bed Frame, there are hundreds of options to choose from.

As children often spend just as much time playing in their room as they do sleeping, colourful furniture is a great way to add a more playful touch, while choosing a quality, handcrafted piece keeps the room feeling considered and sophisticated at the same time. Plus, with our bespoke, made-to-measure service, you can choose a bed that’s the perfect size, as well as the perfect colour.


A wardrobe is one of the most practical pieces of bedroom furniture around. Everyone needs somewhere to hang up their clothes, whether it's a school uniform or a favourite fancy dress costume for playtime. They are also great places for tucking away shoes, toys and bedding that you may not want out on the floor.

Available in two or three-door designs and with or without drawers, there is a wardrobe design for every room and need. You can also choose from a variety of colours, or match the wood of your wardrobe to your bed to create a full bedroom suite.

Chest of drawers

A chest of drawers is a true staple of bedroom furniture. It’s perfect for clothing that can’t be hung up, such as jumpers and underwear, and the classic design makes use of vertical space to free up more floor area. Even though it may seem like a grown-up item, children’s bedrooms need storage for clothes just as much as adults’ bedrooms do. Plus, this practical piece of furniture isn’t just limited to clothing, it makes great storage for toys, books and other items as well.

A chest of drawers is also ideal for a child’s bedroom because it allows you to place some items in the lower drawers where children can easily reach them while keeping other, more precious items out of the way at the top.

Whether you’re looking to create a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, country aesthetic, there is a chest of drawers to suit you. You can choose the number and configuration of the drawers to suit your needs, and you can even choose what handles you prefer best. Here at Endurance Beds, we even deliver our quality, wooden chest of drawers to you fully assembled, so it can slot straight into place without hassle, all you have to do is fill it up.

Whether you’re furnishing a child’s bedroom or an adult’s bedroom, browse our range of quality, made-to-last furniture, or get in touch to hear about our bespoke design service, and let us provide the perfect piece for your space.

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