Standard mattress sizing can be confusing because some retailers list UK sizes while others use European standard sizing. So what size is a single bed mattress in cm, and how can you check that your new single mattress will fit your existing bed frame? Let's find out.

What size is a single bed mattress in cm?

A UK standard single mattress is 90cm wide and 190cm long. In feet and inches, this is 3ft wide and 6ft3 long.

A standard single mattress is usually suitable for one person to sleep on comfortably. However, people who are particularly large or tall might prefer a bigger mattress if they have space for it in their bedroom. A small double - 120cm wide and 190cm long (4ft by 6ft3) - could be a more comfortable option.

For particularly small bedrooms, you could consider a small single mattress. Many people wonder what size is a single bed mattress in cm compared to a small single? Small single mattresses are 15cm narrower than standard single mattresses, at 75cm by 190cm (2ft6 by 6ft3). Small singles are often used with children's bed frames because they're ideal for kids aged between four and twelve. Small single mattresses tend to feel a bit too small for adults but they can work perfectly well as guest beds that are only used occasionally if you're looking to save space in your spare room.

How deep is a single mattress?

There is no standard sizing when it comes to mattress depth. The construction method and the materials used to make mattresses affect the overall depth. Those that are designed to provide additional support and comfort often have multiple layers of foam and springs, and they tend to be deeper as a result.

Always check the depth dimension of a mattress before purchasing if you are concerned about this measurement. The depth of the mattress shouldn't affect the mattress's ability to fit in your bed frame, but it will impact the overall height of the bed. If the person using it has mobility issues of any kind, a bed that is too high could be difficult for them to get in and out of.

Checking the depth of the mattress will also help you to find sheets that fit correctly. Many standard fitted sheets don't work with very deep mattresses. You may need to invest in extra deep fitted sheets if you're choosing a particularly deep mattress.

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How do European single mattresses compare to UK single mattresses?

Standard mattress sizing is different in Europe than in the UK. If you purchase a bed frame or mattress from a European manufacturer, you can expect it to be a little larger than it would be in the UK. European single mattresses are 100cm wide and 200cm long (3ft3 by 6ft6) as standard.

If you are buying a new mattress for an existing bed frame and you're not sure if the frame is a standard UK or European single, be sure to measure it carefully before purchasing. A UK single mattress will fit on a European single bed frame, but there will be gaps around the edges which will not only make the bed look unsightly overall, but it could also lead to the mattress shifting about as you move around in bed.

Should a single mattress be the same dimensions as the bed frame?

The overall dimensions of a bed frame are usually larger than the dimensions of a mattress in the same standard size, but the mattress should be a perfect fit. Just make sure that you're buying a UK standard single mattress for a UK standard single bed frame. Overall dimensions of bed frames vary depending on the design of the frame. If you are purchasing a new bed frame, always check the bed frame dimensions and measure up the bedroom to check that it will fit. Don't rely solely on mattress dimensions.

For example, wooden bed frames tend to be a little larger than the mattress itself, whereas upholstered frames with ornate details will be significantly longer overall than the length of the mattress. Divan beds tend to be the exact same dimensions as the mattress, because the mattress is designed to be flush with the edges of the divan base. If using a headboard with a divan bed, the overall dimensions of the bed will be larger.

How can I be sure a new single mattress will fit my existing bed frame?

If you're looking for a new mattress for an existing bed frame and you're not sure if it's a standard, small, or European single, measure your existing mattress to find out. Use a soft measuring tape or tape measure and measure along the edges of the mattress to find the length and width. You should do this directly on top of the mattress rather than over the top of the duvet to ensure you get accurate results.

If you don't currently have a mattress for an existing bed frame, you can find out what mattress size you need by measuring the frame itself. Measurements should be taken from the inside edges of the frame where the mattress is set to sit.

Is it possible to find nonstandard mattress sizes?

Although standard mattress sizes - small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king - tend to fulfil most needs within the UK, sometimes custom sizes are required. This might be the case if you have an unusually shaped bedroom or have specific design ideas in mind, or if you have a European bed frame. If you're looking for a nonstandard mattress, consider our bespoke mattresses. You can customise all of our mattresses to a range of nonstandard sizes online, or if you can't find the dimensions you require simply get in touch to discuss your needs.

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