With our ever-hectic lifestyles - juggling work, kids and alone time - it is any wonder that we feel burned out by the end of the day? Doing all this is hard enough as it is, so if you find you can't get enough sleep, or the sleep you do get is disturbed and unrestful, you can be left feeling unmotivated and tired. But if you're suffering from bad sleep and are wondering 'why is my sleep quality so bad?', try not to worry Endurance Beds are here to help. To find out some of the causes of bad sleep and how you can try to combat this, read on.

Why is my sleep quality so bad?

There is a multitude of reasons why your sleep quality might not be very good. You may be having difficulty sleeping because of a lot of stress or a big life event, such as having a baby. If you experience the problems for a long time though, it could be that you have a chronic health condition like sleep apnoea or insomnia. Sleep disorders can usually be fixed over time by altering your sleep habits, so you may want to see a doctor if you are having trouble sleeping for more than a month.

Alternatively, trouble sleeping can just as easily be caused by discomfort. In the same way that it's harder to sleep when you are camping and lying on hard ground, trying to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress or in unsuitable conditions will, of course, make it harder to sleep peacefully.

What are the effects of bad sleep?

Even after one night of bad sleep, you have probably experienced some level of grogginess and irritability. Sleep problems ordinarily fix themselves within around a month, but if they don't, you might start to notice an even more serious impact on your health.

Long periods of bad sleep can lead you to experience extreme tiredness and make it much more difficult for you to perform even simple tasks. For this reason, it is important to do everything you can to improve your quality of sleep as quickly as possible, in order to improve the quality of your waking hours too.

How can I improve my sleep quality?

Now you understand the importance of getting enough sleep and making sure it is undisturbed, it is also pivotal for you to understand how you can go about improving your sleep.

1. Don't force it

There's nothing worse than lying awake, desperately wishing sleep would come. Instead, try doing a calm, relaxing activity for a while until you feel sleepier. Keeping lights dim can help with this too.

2. Stick to a pattern

If you are consistently having trouble sleeping, it may be because of a disjointed sleep schedule. If you wake up at around the same time each morning and go to bed when you feel tired, it can help your body to fall into a natural daily cycle of sleep. You should also avoid naps if you want to maintain a good sleep schedule.

3. Craft a peaceful environment

It may seem obvious, but late-night gaming and bright lights aren't the best way to prepare your body for sleep. Instead, turn off your phone and create a quiet, darker space which will help to relax your body and encourage a more fitful sleep.

4. Keep active

If you keep busy and active during the day, your body will naturally feel more tired later on. You could try a workout in the morning to make sure you are keeping fit and tiring out your body. Avoid doing lots of activity later on though, as this could make you more awake if it is too close to when you need to sleep.

5. Make yourself comfortable

No matter what you do, if your bed or sleeping area isn't comfortable, it can still be extremely hard to fall asleep. If you think your bed is the root of your problems, it might need replacing if you want to get your sleep schedule back on track. A new mattress could work wonders if its sharp springs and lumps and bumps are keeping you awake all night.

What should I do first?

With so many things you can try, this can be tricky. But, the best way to ensure you have a comfortable rest is to make sure you have a comfortable bed. At Endurance Beds we make it our mission to provide you with the perfect place to sleep. That's why we offer bespoke beds and made-to-measure beds, so you can be assured you have exactly what is right for you and never have to wonder 'why is my sleep quality so bad?'

If you want a restful night's sleep, we can help you with our bespoke mattresses that offer great comfort and made-to-measure mattresses which ensure that we can give you the perfect product.

You should be able to find exactly what you want between wooden beds, wrought iron beds, cast iron beds, upholstered beds, four poster beds, bespoke metal beds and bespoke fabric beds. However, if you still can't find what you want, make sure to contact us today as we also offer customisable beds so one of our team will happily help you to construct the perfect place to get your sleep back to how it should be.

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