If you've been looking for a truly unique bed, you may be considering making one yourself at home. Although it can be challenging learning how to make a custom bed, it can also be a rewarding project to tackle, with the goal of a perfect night's sleep if you succeed.

Find out how to make a custom bed

We'll tell you what to consider in this blog post, as learning how to make a custom bed will set you off on the right track before you start.

Once you've decided to create a custom bed yourself, our tips on how to make your existing bed more unique, or how to customise a new bed frame and mattress, will come in useful. Create the bed of your dreams by checking out our extensive range of beds and customisation options.

Can you build a custom bed from scratch?

If you have any furniture-making or craft skills, it could be possible to make a custom bed frame from scratch. If you have worked with wood, building a unique bed might be possible. It could save money and create a totally unique furniture item.

However, it isn't an easy task. For the average person with standard DIY skills, it could be too difficult. A bed needs to be sturdy, strong and long-lasting to support your body weight and remain comfortable. You would need to make the main structure from solid, hardwood, such as maple, walnut or oak.

You would need to use thick, wide lengths of wood to ensure the frame's safety and to make sure your bed was structurally sound. You would be able to use softer wood, such as plywood, for decorative accessories like the headboard.

You would also need top-quality screws and brackets, plus the appropriate tools, to make a custom bed. These would include a drill, a circular saw, a mitre saw and an orbital sander. Then, once the frame was constructed, you would need to varnish or paint it to achieve a professional finish.

Custom Divan Bed

Product: Custom Divan Base

Can I customise an existing bed?

For many people, it is easier to customise an existing bed, rather than starting from scratch and building your own. Making a whole bed frame can be far too complex if you don't have the relevant woodworking skills already.

Instead, try customising an existing bed frame to put your own unique style into it. If you have a wooden bed frame, you can sand it down and either paint or varnish it for a fresher finish.

It's also possible to repaint a metal bed frame as long as you take care to properly prepare and prime the surface and use the right type of paint.

If you have a divan bed base, you can replace or re-upholster the headboard for a different look. If you have the relevant skills, you can build a custom headboard.

Although this is an easier DIY job than building a whole bed frame, it might still be too complex for someone without relevant experience. It may be simpler to customise an existing headboard, which isn't too expensive.

Can I customise a bed with storage space?

If you need a bed with storage space, you can build drawers or boxes that will seamlessly fit underneath your existing bed.

If you don't feel up to doing this, you could pick out pre-made drawers, baskets or boxes and customise them using fabric, paint or other accessories.

Never underestimate the aesthetic appeal of accessories and soft furnishing. They can totally transform the overall appearance of a bed. Replacing bedding, adding throws and cushions, moving the bedroom furniture around and adding incorporating new accent chairs, rugs, or even potted plants, can give a new look to any space.

Metal Platform Bed

Product: Wyoming Platform Bed

Can I order a bespoke bed from a manufacturer?

If you don't have the know-how or time to make a custom bed yourself, work with a manufacturer to bring your idea to fruition.

Our team here at Endurance Beds can show you our huge range of options on offer to customise your bed. This will enable you to create a bed to suit your own unique needs in terms of comfort and style.

Check out our wide range of bed frames on our website until you find the design that appeals to your taste. Then, choose your frame size.

We stock everything from a single bed up to a super king-size, as well as more generous sizes, including Caesar beds and Emperor beds.

Choose your frame finish from our massive range. Our bespoke wooden beds offer a choice of more than 48 finish options, including stains and wax. Let the wood grain show through, or go for a painted frame to add a splash of colour to your bedroom.

We also stock a huge selection of mattresses to fit every bed frame and will be happy to discuss your options to make sure you are 100% happy with the result.

We have 22 standard finishes available for our upholstered beds in a choice of colours. If you're looking for something more specific and personal, we also offer more than 100 different fabric choices.

How can Endurance Beds help me?

Everyone wants a good night's sleep, so going to a bed specialist for ideas on how to make a custom bed is a good idea.

When you're choosing the best type of bed frame and mattress to suit your unique taste, contact us to find out how we can help.

Here at Endurance Beds, we have the best selection of bed frames, mattresses and headboards available, making it easier to create a custom bed.

Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and together, we will develop the custom bed of your dreams.

With more than 13 years of experience providing bespoke luxury beds handcrafted at our family-run West Norfolk workshop, we specialise in UK-made bed frames that come with a 12-year guarantee.

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